Stand-Up Comic Ari Teman Hired Alan Dershowitz to Defend Him—He’s Portraying Himself as the Next Mike Flynn

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who helped defend President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial this year, is representing a new criminal client who, in his own white collar fraud case, is portraying himself as the next Michael Flynn.

Dershowitz’s client is Ari Teman, a Miami-based tech startup founder who was convicted in January of four federal criminal counts, including bank and wire fraud. Dershowitz is advising Teman’s legal team, which is seeking to overturn the conviction with claims that federal prosecutors withheld evidence that would have undermined the credibility of a key government witness.

“They sat on their hands, and the evidence that basically proves his innocence didn’t come up until after he was convicted,” Dershowitz said during an interview on Sunday with Joel Pollak, the editor-at-large of the pro-Trump media outlet Breitbart News.

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