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State of Emergency Issued in Louisville Ahead of Breonna Taylor Announcement, Riot and Arson Threats Being Made All Over Social Media Already

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has issued a preemptive state of emergency for the city ahead of an announcement in the Breonna Taylor case.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is expected to announce whether or not charges will be brought against the police officers involved in the death of Taylor during a knock and announce drug raid on March 13, during which her boyfriend shot at police and they returned fire.

Fischer said that the reason for the state of emergency is the “potential for civil unrest.”

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“Our goal is ensuring space and opportunity for potential protesters to gather and express their First Amendment rights after the announcement,” Fischer said in a statement. “At the same time, we are preparing for any eventuality to keep everyone safe.”

The order will allow the mayor to “exercise any of his emergency powers,” including restrictions like curfews. He has also closed five parking garages and banned street parking in some areas.

A federal judge ordered the Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House to close for the week as well.

There have already been multiple threats of riot and arson on social media.

The announcement is expected to be made some time this week, possibly this evening.

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