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#STFUHillary Trends on Twitter After Twice-Failed Candidate Hillary Clinton Publishes Post About George Floyd

#STFUHillary Trends on Twitter After Twice-Failed Candidate Hillary Clinton Publishes Post About George Floyd

The hashtag #STFUHillary trended on Twitter on Saturday night after twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted to Medium about George Floyd’s death.

In the article, Clinton wrote that “against a backdrop of a pandemic that has disproportionately ravaged communities of color, we are being painfully reminded right now that we are long overdue for honest reckoning and meaningful action to dismantle systemic racism.”

She continued on to pander to the crowd that has been violently lashing out across the nation before concluding that “I promise to keep fighting alongside all of you to make the United States a place where all men and all women are treated as equals, just as we are and just as we deserve to be.”

Unfortunately for Clinton, people haven’t quite forgot about her record yet. In a time when the nation is truly divided, seemingly beyond repair, she ended up helping people find some common ground — by mocking her.

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“Sh-t, between Gadaffi and Haiti, I’m pretty sure that you killed more blacks than the police ever did,” one Twitter user commented. Another wrote, “Trump sucks but you don’t have moral high ground to stand on after calling African American minors super predators, you hypocrite.”

In a puff piece about her in the Los Angeles Times earlier in the week, Clinton whined about how President Trump has been a “failure across the board” and how “inadequate his response has been to these historic moments.”

“It is a mystery why anybody with a beating heart and a working mind still supports him,” Clinton told the Times.

The former First Lady also whined about how Bernie Sanders supporters cost her the election, once again, instead of taking responsibility for her own failures.

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