Students in AP Classes Panic Under COVID

The people behind Advanced Placement (AP) tests would like to make one thing very clear: they are not secretly posing as a teenage Redditor named “Dinosauce313” in a plot to catch kids cheating on their exams. The high-pressure tests, which help decide who gets into America’s elite colleges, are not being used for entrapment-style stings.

But as the APs—like every other aspect of schooling—move online amid COVID-19 lockdown, all hell is breaking loose. The COVID-era exams have seen conspiracy theories running rampant, forums filling with porn, tests glitching, and students demanding their fees back. The chaos is turning some students to anti-capitalist mutiny against the biggest name in high-school testing.

College Board, a standardized testing company, has a near-lock on the market for college admissions tests. The company administers the SATs and the AP exams, both of which typically require students to exert themselves in a supervised environment for hours. But pandemic school closures forced the company to improvise by shortening the tests and moving them online.

The first COVID-19-era tests were scheduled for this week and last, and quarantined students met the announcement with mixed reactions from the start.

“On the one hand, the abridged version is certainly a bit relieving, especially as stress has increased tenfold in recent weeks,” Kansas high school junior Conner Hunter told The Daily Beast. “But on the other hand, it feels an insult to the work that we’ve all been putting in this year. Most of the content we’ve studied hard to learn won’t be represented on the exam. Not to mention, the shorter format is much less forgiving to mistakes, as a single incorrect portion of an answer could make the difference between a passing and failing grade.”

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