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Super Soaker for Summer Fun

The best thing about summer, in my opinion, is you get too hot to care about much. The other day, I went to get my bike fixed, and after standing out in the sun for about twenty minutes, I was drenched in sweat, parched for water, and would’ve done almost anything to hop in a pool. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one nearby, but when we got back to the house, we did the next best thing: filled up cups with water and threw them at each other. It got me thinking that a great way to spend time outside, cool off, and laugh a ton, whether you have kids or not, is to have an epic water fight this summer. 


Water Balloons and Filler

Imagine actually hitting a friend with a water balloon. This is a pack of 1000 is much needed (they pop easily). It also comes with two nozzles to attach to your hose or sink so filling them up is made much easier.


Or you can skip the tedious process of filling water balloons up one by one and do it all at once. These are all connected, and when they are full, they seal and tie themselves. Put them in a bucket before you fill them up so you can carry them around once they are filled up.


This foam water shooter pack includes 6 toys so you can get a group together. They look like ordinary pool noodles, but just pull back the handle, fill it up like a test tube, and push it forward to blast water at your friend.


JOYIN Super Water Blaster

You of course need a super soaker for the summer. In fact, you need at least two to have a good time because what can you really do with just one super soaker? And the two you get should be the same kind. These can hold up to 25 ounces of water and shoot up to 36 feet, which is far enough to make things interesting.

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