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‘Suspicious Bag’ Found Outside Walter Reed Hospital Treating Trump, Bomb Squad Working at the Scene


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After conducting an investigation, however, there was no public threat identified, so the authorities allowed its owner to finally take it back.

A ‘suspicious bag’ has been discovered on a street in Bethesda, Maryland, where pro-Trump demonstrators gathered on Saturday night.

The bag was found just near the entrance to the Walter Reed Medical Center, where President Donald Trump is currently being treated for COVID-19. Police cordoned off the area after the backpack was found, trying to move protesters away from the scene.

The Montgomery County Bomb Squad were dispatched to the scene, with a sniffer dog assisting in the operation.

The demonstrators took to the street near the military hospital on Saturday night to support the president, carrying pictures of Trump and signs that read “Get Well Soon”.

On Friday, Trump announced that he and his wife Melania have contracted coronavirus. The medics say the president has made substantial progress since diagnosis. According to White House physician Dr Sean Conley, Trump spent Saturday evening conducting business and moving around his medical suite without difficulty.

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