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Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr Requests Department of Justice to Probe Handling of Ahmaud Arbery Case

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced on Sunday that he has asked the Department of Justice to investigate the handling of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man who was fatally shot by two white men while jogging.

“We are committed to a complete and transparent review of how the Ahmaud Arbery case was handled from the outset,” Carr said in a statement. “The family, the community and the state of Georgia deserve answers, and we will work with others in law enforcement at the state and federal level to find those answers.” 

Also on Sunday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced that it has arrested 20-year-old Rashawn Smith and charged him with “Dissemination of Information Relating to Terrorist Acts for a Facebook post that contained a threat to future protests related to Ahmaud Arbery.” The GBI said it was conducting the investigation with the FBI and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

Arbery was fatally shot while jogging in Brunswick, Georgia, on Feb. 23. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested and charged Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son, Travis McMichael, 34, with murder and aggravated assault on Thursday after video footage of the deadly attack went viral and sparked international outrage. 

The graphic video shows the McMichaels chasing Arbery, who was unarmed, in a pickup truck before the shots were fired. The two men have maintained that they believed Arbery was a suspect in a recent string of robberies, but Glynn County Police Lt. Cheri Bashlor told CNN that there was only one burglary in the area nearly two months before the shooting, on Jan. 1.

Gregory was previously a law enforcement officer who worked for Brunswick DA Jackie Johnson. County Commissioner Allen Booker told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week that “the police at the scene went to [Johnson], saying they were ready to arrest both of them,” but Johnson “shut them down to protect her friend McMichael.”

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Sunday called Arbery’s killing a “lynching of an African American man” and asserted that the arrests of the father and son would not have happened if the video of the shooting did not surface. “I think had we not seen that video, I don’t believe that they would be charged,” she said. 

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Anti-Kavanaugh Crusader Elizabeth Warren ‘Satisfied’ With Joe Biden’s Response To Reade Allegations

During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Elizabeth Warren was one of the loudest critics.

Now that Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault, she is just fine taking Biden’s word for it that nothing happened.

It just goes to show that the MeToo movement was never really about protecting women. It was all about politics and power for the left.

The Washington Examiner reports:

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Senate Democrats stand by Biden: ‘Credible and convincing’ defense against sex assault claim

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats said Monday they back Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president in spite of allegations by former aide Tara Reade that he sexually assaulted her in 1993 when he was a senator.

Warren and other Democrats said they listened to Biden’s denial during an MSNBC interview last week and are satisfied with the former vice president’s response to Reade’s claim.

“The vice president’s answers were credible and convincing,” Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat and former candidate for president, told reporters as she headed into the chamber to vote. “I support the vice president. I support his campaign, and I am proud to endorse him for president.”

Biden told MSNBC’s Morning Joe Reade’s claim is not true. “I’m saying unequivocally, it never, never happened,” he said during the interview on Friday.

Democrats suggested the matter has been fully vetted by the media and has been proven untrue.

The double standard is amazing, isn’t it?


Does she think no one remembers?

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Fox News Is Obsessed With Biden’s Sexual-Assault Accuser Tara Reade, but Barely Mentioned Trump’s Rape Accuser

Fox News has unsurprisingly become the go-to cable-news outlet for chatter about the sexual-assault allegations about former Vice President Joe Biden. But when it came to similar (and more voluminous) allegations against his opponent, President Donald Trump, the network was seemingly nowhere to be found. 

Earlier this year, Tara Reade claimed that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee forced her against a wall and put his hands up her skirt when she worked as a staffer in his Senate office in the early 1990s. The narrative became instant red meat for Fox News, which has made the allegations one of its top stories across its cable and digital platforms, largely aggregating or riffing on reporting done by mainstream outlets while lamenting a supposed lack of media coverage of the story. 

According to a transcript search via media-monitoring service TVEyes, the Reade accusations have been mentioned at least 289 times on the network since late March, when Reade first detailed them in an interview with leftist podcast host Katie Halper.

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