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Hack job? Civil Service Twitter account roasts ‘ARROGANT TRUTH TWISTER’ BoJo, as lockdown-breaking adviser reported to police — RT UK News

An unknown culprit used the official Twitter account of the UK Civil Service to hammer Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The PM was defending his adviser, Dominic Cummings, who’s been reported to police for breaking lockdown rules.

Cummings has been hounded by the British press and urged to resign since it emerged on Friday that he’d traveled 250 miles from London to his parents’ farm in Durham in April. His journey flouted the national coronavirus lockdown, and took place while he was supposed to be isolating at home due to his wife’s Covid-19 symptoms.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended his embattled adviser on Sunday, saying that Cummings acted “responsibly, legally and with integrity.” As Johnson spoke, a strange tweet was posted by the UK Civil Service – an institution that prides itself on its political neutrality.

“Arrogant and offensive,” it read. “Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?”

The tweet was up for all of 12 minutes before it was abruptly deleted. During that time though, it was widely screenshotted and reproduced online – racking up tens of thousands of likes and retweets. 

Half an hour later, the Cabinet Office chimed in to declare it an “unauthorised tweet” that would be investigated.

The origins of the tweet are still unknown. A disgruntled civil servant could have reached the end of his or her tether with Johnson’s defense of Cummings. The service’s social media staffer could have signed into the wrong account. And, because this is the age we live in, somebody will surely suggest the tweet to be the work of ‘Russian hackers.’

It was hardly the last twist in the Cummings saga, though. Whereas Johnson seemed content to excuse his adviser’s lockdown-violating jaunt, commenters online clamored for his resignation. And, within hours, the Mirror wrote that Cummings had been reported to the police for his journey.  

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Japan suspects missile data leak in Mitsubishi cyberattack

The suspected leak involves sensitive information about a prototype of a cutting-edge, high-speed gliding missile intended for deployment for the defense of Japan’s remote islands.

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NY Times Hack Accuses Donald Trump Jr. of “Misleading Video” of Joe Biden Groping Women and Children… When It’s Actual Footage!

As expected The New York Times is attacking Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump Campaign for “smearing” Joe Biden.

Donald Trump Jr. posted video of former Vice President Joe Biden groping women and children during a US Senate swearing-in ceremony.
The footage is real.

It has never been doctored.
And… it’s creepy as hell.

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Donald Trump Jr. even tweeted out the second part for good measure.

New York Times hack Jonathan Martin is VERY UPSET with Don Jr. for posting this disturbing footage.

Of course, it is also well known that Joe Biden would swim naked in front of female security guards as Vice President.

“Reporter” Jonathan Martin also claims to be upset that the Trump campaign is pointing out Joe’s obvious senility.
martin thinks it should be off limits to point out the Democrat candidate is obviously on a downward tragectory.

These liberal hacks don’t even try to pretend they are impartial anymore.

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Gateway Pundit News

Media Hack Tries to Corner WH Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany on Obamagate — Gets Steamrolled with Facts (VIDEO)

The liberal media reporters that make up the White House press corps are completely incurious about the Obamagate scandal except to mock the president and his administration.

White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany thanked one reporter, Steven Portnoy, on Friday for asking about Obamagate crimes today.
According to McEnany the White House reporters have only asked about the unmasking of General Flynn once this week!

On Friday reporter Portnoy tried to corner Kayleigh McEnany on the Obamagate crimes.
The reporter asked not because he was curious but because he wanted to stump McEnany.

Kayleigh gladly listed off several crimes by Obama officials.
Then she looked at her notes and really steamrolled him.

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Kayleigh McEnany: “For three years you all talked about collusion and there was none. It was a huge injustice, not just to this administration but to the American people who deserve truth, not the alleging of absolutely false allegations against the president.”

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Angela Merkel cites ‘hard evidence’ her office was target of Russian ‘hack attack’, says it doesn’t make mending ties easier

Germany’s chancellor has lamented what she says was irrefutable proof of a Russian “hacking attack” on her Bundestag office, adding that she is working day and night to fix relationships with Moscow despite the “painful” incident.

Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the hacking allegations while speaking to MPs on Wednesday. “I can honestly say that it hurts me,” she said of the perceived Russian involvement in a computer network attack on her Bundestag constituency office back in 2015.

“I’m striving towards better relationships with Russia every day,” Merkel said, arguing that there is “hard evidence” that some unspecified “Russian forces” were behind the hack.


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Gateway Pundit News

Former AG and Deep State Hack Sally Yates Lied to Congress About Flynn, Russia and Logan Act in May 2017 — May Have Been Leaker

In May 2017 Former Attorney General Sally Yates went before Congress and lied about General Michael Flynn being compromised by Russia.

Yates knew General Michael Flynn was not compromised. She lied anyway.

The Deep State was listening in on all of General Flynn’s conversations with foreign leaders which was his job. They knew Russia had nothing on him. They knew this was a lie.

Crooked Sally Yates told Congress that the Logan Act was the first reason she intervened in the Flynn case — the reason FBI agents were sent to the White House to interview Flynn in the Trump administration’s early days.  The Logan Act has not been prosecuted in the United States for over 200 years.  She knew this.  Michael Flynn was innocent.

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Sally Yates is a criminal and a liar.

We also know that a Deep State spy set up General Flynn. And Flynn not only reported his trip to Russia before he went, he also took training on how to act and then provided the intelligence community information upon his return on what he learned. All of this information has been kept quiet by the intelligence community for two years until early this year.

Yates hid this evidence from Congress.

So will Sally Yates ever face justice for lying to Congress?

Should Sally Yates be charged with perjury and leaking classified documents?

Via Rosie Memos.

On Monday attorney Techno_Fog published more information on Sally Yates and her relationship with reporter Adam Entous who first published the Michael Flynn leak.
Miss Yates could be in even more trouble if she is pegged as the leaker of classified information.

It was Sally Yates who “flagged” General Flynn’s completely innocent call with the Russian ambassador as “highly significant” and “potentially illegal.”

So was Sally Yates the leaker?  And will she ever be prosecuted for perjury?

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Gateway Pundit News

What a Hack! Atlanta Mayor Defends Joe Biden from Credible Sexual Assault Charges — Then Blames Trump for Shooting Death of Black Jogger Ahmaud Arbery

Last week Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, were charged with murder and assault in the shooting death of African-American Ahmaud Arbery.

On Sunday Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms joined Jake Tapper on CNN.

Bottoms defended Joe Biden from the credible charges of sexual assault by Tara Reade.
Bottoms told Jake Tapper, “The Joe Biden that I know is a man who respects women.”

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Jake Tapper pushed back on the mayor’s double standard on the accusations against Biden.

Then Bottoms blamed President Trump for the alleged murder of Ahmoud Arbery earlier this year.
Bottoms says President Trump’s rhetoric enables people “prone to being racist are given permission.”

Obviously, Mayor Bottoms is a political hack.
She fits in well with her party elites.

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Escape Hack! Indian Tipplers Line Up Slippers to Stay in Long Queues Outside Shops

Sputnik International

New Delhi (Sputnik): The Indian government has prolonged the lockdown for the third time until 17 May, however, the extension came along with partial relaxations including allowing the sale of alcohol.

People lined up their slippers in a queue outside a liquor store in Hyderabad on Wednesday in order to avoid standing in lines in the scorching heat.

In the video, slippers can be seen placed in circles to facilitate social distancing among people standing in queues as the government has allowed people to purchase alcohol amid the coronavirus lockdown.

​The relaxation order came as a huge relief for various states governments that registered record alcohol sales after the ban on liquor sales was lifted. Generally, national liquor tax collection is estimated to be worth $26.66 billion across India.

Meanwhile, long queues were witnessed outside liquor shops with the resumption in liquor sales. Social distancing norms were flouted outside many stores, and some were forced to shut due to large crowds.


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