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After Lawsuits and Delays, Overstock Hands Shareholders Digital Dividend

Online retailer Overstock has finally distributed its digital dividend to shareholders.

The digital security was issued as Series A-1 shares on a 1:10 basis to all Overstock shareholders with a record date of April 27, 2020, according to a press release Tuesday. Called OSKTO, the dividend can now be freely traded, but only on Overstock subsidiary tZERO’s blockchain-underpinned platform. Shareholders will need to open a brokerage account with a broker-dealer that subscribes to the tZERO ATS to trade the securities, the firm said.

“I’m pleased we have paid this innovative dividend to our shareholders,” said Overstock CEO Jonathan Johnson. “These preferred shares have real value, and have been paid a cash dividend in each of the last three years.”

The concept of the digital dividend was the brainchild of former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who has long been a fan of crypto and blockchain, and started accepting bitcoin for retail sales as far back as January 2014. Byrne had apparently seen OSKTO as a way to both bolster tZERO and to flick sand in the face of short sellers to whose trading strategies he had long objected.

In Tuesday’s announcement, Johnson said, “We believe [the digital dividend] will increase participation and long-term liquidity on the tZERO ATS platform. I appreciate the support and cooperation of the investment community and regulators in our efforts to innovate in the capital markets through new technology.”

OSKTO had first been announced in July 2019, with the firm expecting a record date of Sept. 23, 2019.

After the departure of Byrne, though, Overstock put the effort on hold as it sought to restructure the dividend, making the stock freely tradable and doing away with a six-month lockup that had previously been planned. A report at the time suggested Byrne had structured the digital dividend specifically to block short selling.

That didn’t sit well with some investors, who launched a class-action lawsuit against Overstock in September, alleging the firm violated securities rules by making false statements to manipulate the firm’s stock price. Last week, Overstock filed to dismiss the “meritless” lawsuit, saying, in effect, the short-seller lead plaintiff had not actually provided any evidence of wrongdoing.

Byrne left the company in August and dumped his stock after disclosing he’d been in a three-year affair with a Russian agent and claiming he’d acted as a confidential informant for law enforcement agencies.

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Johnson & Johnson ends baby powder sales in US & Canada after lawsuits posit links to cancer… but will keep selling it elsewhere — RT World News

Johnson & Johnson will halt all sales of its talc-based baby powder in North America, after years of lawsuits claiming the product causes cancer – but, undeterred, the firm says it won’t stop selling it to the rest of the world.

The company announced the move in a statement on Tuesday, noting that it had decided to “permanently discontinue” the baby powder in the US and Canada to “prioritize high-demand products” amid the Covid-19 pandemic, attributing the fall in sales in part to “misinformation.”

“Demand for talc-based Johnson’s Baby Powder in North America has been declining due in large part to changes in consumer habits and fueled by misinformation around the safety of the product and a constant barrage of litigation advertising,” the company said, adding that it would also stop selling around 100 other items in addition to the powder.

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Johnson & Johnson recalls single lot of Baby Powder after asbestos trace found

While Johnson & Johnson insists it is “steadfastly confident” in the safety of its talc-based baby powder, vowing to “vigorously defend the product” from “unfounded allegations,” the company has faced a flurry of lawsuits from customers over the years alleging the powder contains cancer-causing agents like asbestos. Though the firm has emerged victorious from some of the suits, it has also been forced to pay out massive sums to plaintiffs in others, such as a case last February in which it was ordered to shell out $750 million to four cancer patients.

Deeming the decision a “victory for public health,” the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization slammed Johnson & Johnson for being slow to act and misleading customers, while calling on Congress to “ban asbestos once and for all.”

“Americans should be able to trust they are safe from asbestos. Johnson & Johnson [J&J] spent decades misleading the public to think their often asbestos-contaminated baby powder was safe when they knew it was not,”said the group’s president, Linda Reinstein.

A small and influential group of chemical companies in America still rely on asbestos and have stood in the way of a national ban of this deadly substance. We can’t wait for them to follow J&J and see the error of their ways.

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Johnson & Johnson must pay cancer-stricken woman $29mn in latest talcum trial

Despite some consumer safety advocates hailing the move as a win, however, the controversial product will continue to be sold “in other markets around the world,” Johson & Johnson said, where demand for the powder remains high and lawsuits are less common. The decision has left the company’s critics irked, some asking whether the world population beyond North America is “expendable.”

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News Sputnik

Families of Iranian Victims in Ukrainian Airline Crash in Tehran File Lawsuits, Judiciary Says


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TEHRAN (Sputnik) – The families of Iranian victims in the January downing of a Ukraine International Airlines aircraft near Tehran have begun filing lawsuits in connection with the incident, the Judiciary Organisation of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran said in a statement Monday.

“Since the transfer of the case regarding the crash of a Ukrainian plane to the Judiciary Organisation of the Armed Forces, the Tehran military prosecutors’ office has conducted an accurate and verified investigation of the case. Several groups of experts are studying various aspects of this disaster and many families of the victims have contacted the organisation with lawsuits”, a statement published on the organisation’s website read.

Earlier in the day, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba threatened Iran with “collective prosecution” if Tehran fails to come to an agreement with Kiev, as well as the other countries whose citizens were among the dead. President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously said that Iran must bring those responsible for the plane’s downing to justice and pay suitable compensation to the victims.

Ukraine International Airlines’ Kiev-bound Boeing 737-800 crashed on 8 January, soon after departing from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport. Citizens of Iran, Canada, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom were among the 176 passengers and crew who perished.

The Iranian military subsequently admitted to unintentionally shooting down the jetliner, having confused it with a hostile cruise missile in anticipation of US retaliation to Iran’s massive attack against Iraqi bases housing US military personnel. The Iranian leadership expressed deep regret, describing the tragedy as an “unforgivable mistake”.

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‘Massive Adoption’ Conference Organizer Sued After Refund Delays

The organizer of the canceled Massive Adoption crypto conference, which boasted a potential audience of 1,500, is being sued over allegations that ticket refunds are too slow.

The putative class action lawsuit was filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado by Ashley Gentry, a would-be attendee of Massive Adoption, and alleges fraud, breach of contract, conversion and unjust enrichment. The suit is calling for the organizer, Jacob Kostecki, to refund would-be attendees, as well as punitive damages and the costs of the lawsuit. David Silver, the attorney who filed the lawsuit, told CoinDesk he was doing so pro bono, and would not be accepting payment or fees for the case.

Kostecki originally planned Massive Adoption for November 2019, but rescheduled to late February 2020. He canceled the event by the end of January 2020, however, and promised refunds to customers. An update on his website said he had “inadequate funding,” and fewer guests and sponsors than he needed to maintain the event.

A later update on his website, which went down for some time between February 2020 and late April, said, “Due to a series of local conditions, global markets, operator errors and mistakes the conference was cancelled late January.”

Kostecki said in the update that he had begun processing refunds in March, and would continue through July 2020. A countdown clock on the updated site appears to be counting down to Friday, July 31, 2020. Kostecki did not immediately return a request for comment.

Silver told CoinDesk via email that, “we approached Mr. Kostecki several weeks ago with a simple offer to resolve the debts he has already acknowledged he owes to the would-be Massive Adoption attendees.”

In April 2020, Silver tweeted that he would work with any attendees owed under $1,000 for free to ensure refunds. At the time, Kostecki responded, “If you believe that this will accelerate the relief to ticket holders instead of hinder it then that is your decision.”

Kostecki declined the offer, Silver said.

In the new update to his website, Kostecki said “the reaction to Covid-19 has delayed refunds vs internal milestones,” a claim he has also previously made on Twitter.

In his most recent tweet, dated April 26, on an account dedicated to Massive Adoption, Kostecki said “Refunds continue being made,” and that he had been in touch with “dozens of people” over the past two months. He maintained that he would meet his July 31 deadline.

The lawsuit is being filed as a putative class action because some of the would-be attendees have small claims, and may not be able to file individual lawsuits, Thursday’s filing claimed.

“We are still willing to work with Mr. Kostecki on formulating a quick and simple resolution, but the fact that we filed the lawsuit shows that Mr. Kostecki’s hollow Twitter promises are not enough,” Silver said.

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Healed’s Plasma Defeated Covid-19. Italian Hospitals’ Therapy in 116 Us University. Tom Hanks Donor to UCLA – Veterans Today

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

Experimented in the Italian Lombard hospitals of Pavia and Mantua, also landed in Padua, now it is traveling around the world the therapy against Sars-Cov-2 infection that does not use drugs. Thanks to the creative intuition of Italian doctors, in fact, was developed a treatment protocol based on the plasma of the healed patients who produced the antibodies against Covid-19.

The blood rich in specific immune defenses is transfused into the veins of infected patients, which thus reacts to the virus by fighting it. The results obtained within 12/48 hours from the injection bode well, but the most relevant data is that on the deaths: zero in these hospitals since the therapy began.

It has been successfully tested by Professor Cesare Perotti, director of the Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine service of the Saint Mattew Pavia health center, together with colleague Giuseppe De Donno of Mantua, but from there it has spread to other Italian hospitals and over one hundred universities in the USA, the country most affected from this new and mysterious strain of CoronaVirus with over one million infected and more than 67 thousand dead.

WUHANGATE – 4. “Covid-19 manipulated, CHINA-US Hidden Affair”. Class-Action for Bio-Weapon in Texas

Also actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, after being cured by Covid-19, donated their plasma to the University of California of Los Angeles which in addition to working on the search for a vaccine is carrying out UCLA COVID-19 Convalescent Serum Project to use blood with antibodies in the treatment of infected patients. While 250 people in Pavia alone are inclined to make a donation for the most immediate transfusion.

«The convalescent patients responded enthusiastically. But not all donors are eligible. The first patients who contracted the disease no longer have the neutralizing antibodies that serve to defeat the virus».

So Professor Perotti revealed to the microphones of “Il Giorno” what could happen in the coming weeks. The 120 bags collected at St. Matthew were placed in 52 patients with excellent results. «Patients enrolled for the investigation are doing well. Now we will close the trial and hope to publish the results very soon. Then we will work on another trial, expanding the number of patients to enroll».

The Lombard doctors Cesare Perotti (Saint Matthew of Pavia) and Giuseppe De Donno (Poma of Mantua) who first started the experiments with the plasma of the healed

«In many cases it allows patients to avoid resuscitation and knowing how hard it is, this is already an incredible milestone against the damned Covid». The president of the Lombardy region Attilio Fontana said on Facebook about the anti-Covid cure with plasma developed by St. Matthew hospital.



«A protocol – explains Fontana – prepared by the Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine service of St. Matthew, in collaboration with the structures of Mantua and Lodi, as well as by the University Hospital of Padua. Developed in Lombardy and already exported to the United States, where it is being applied in 116 university centers».

«The cure is developed in conjunction with the serological test, also from St. Matthew of Pavia, which, in addition to telling you if you have or not have antibodies, analyzes the quantity present in your blood, defining if you can become a donor of the precious Plasma with a high presence of antibodies. Lombardy works on this. Concrete answers» concludes Fontana.

Governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana

«We prepare to be ready to leave if and when the pilot clinical studies launched in Lombardy and Veneto confirm the effectiveness of this particular therapy» says Cinzia Vecchiato director of the Immunohematology and Transfusion Service of the hospital in Bolzano, Trentino.

«There are many voluntary donors who present themselves or call the Immunohematology and Transfusion Center to donate blood or plasma. Particularly valuable in recent months is the plasma of those who have recovered for coronavirus infection: it can in fact contain a sufficient and specific quantity of antibodies capable of blocking the virus. The next step is to inject this plasma to the most serious patients» added the doctor.

WUHANGATE – 3. “COVID-19 Created in Lab with HIV”. Medicine Nobel confirms Indian Research disclosed by Gospa News

A Chinese study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, described a study treating five critically ill COVID-19 patients with convalescent plasma. All five patients, ranging from 36 to 65 years old, began the study while on ventilators.

Following the transfusion, the authors reported, four of the five patients’ body temperatures normalized within three days. Other key metrics, including viral loads, improved within 12 days.

COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy is considered as an investigational product by the Food and Drug Administration.  Dr. Jamie N. Nadler, the medical director of quality and patient safety for Buffalo General Medical Center and Gates Vascular Institute in upstate New York, recently told the Buffalo News that there’s some evidence that it could be an effective way to treat COVID-19.

«There have been small trials and small attempts around the world that seem to have had some degree of success. So it’s worth trying as long as it’s done correctly» Nadler said according to american website PolitiFact by Poynter Institute in Florida.


Now there is only one enemy left to fight against: the power of Big Pharma who have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research on vaccines, thanks to the generous donations of Bill Gates through the various entities with which his foundation is a partner despite himself being in business with drug corporations in a blatant conflict of interest.

It is clear that if plasma therapy proves miraculous, as it seems, vaccines and antivirals such as Remdesivir, already authorized by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and recently approved by the American Federal Drug Association (FDA), would be useless, given the always high risk of side effects, and would end up in the garbage. (read more)

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Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Fabio is Director and Editor of Gospa News; a Christian Information Journal. Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio, born on 24/2/1967 in Borgosesia, started working as a reporter since he was only 19 years old in the alpine area of Valsesia, Piedmont, his birth region in Italy. After studying literature and history at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, he became deputy director of a local newspaper and specialized in judicial reporting. For about 15 years he is a correspondent from Northern Italy for the Italian newspapers Libero and Il Giornale, also writing important revelations on the Ustica massacre, a report on Freemasonry and organized crime. With independent investigations he collaborates with Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza in important investigations that conclude with the arrest of Camorra entrepreneurs or corrupt politicians. In July 2018 he found the counter-information webmedia Gospa News focused on geopolitics, terrorism, Middle East and military intelligence. He is a correspondent from Italy for the French news site Reseau International. He worked since many years for the magazine Art & Wine as art critic and curator

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