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Mueller Crook Andrew Weissman Was Behind Documents Illegally Released to the Press Before Roger Stone Was Even Indicted

In February 2019 we obtained documents providing evidence that the Mueller Special Counsel leaked information to CNN ahead of the arrest of Roger Stone.  Stone’s arrest was carried exclusively by CNN.

We now know that the Mueller gang’s top corrupt attorney and pitbull, Andrew Weissmann, was behind documents illegally released to the press before Stone was ever indicted.

Roger Stone was recently with Sean Hannity on his radio show where he stated the following:

It’s important for people to understand the reason we know that Andrew Weissman actually wrote my indictment.  I was arrested at 6:00am.  At 7:00am January 25th, the Special Counsel’s office blasted a copy of my indictment to the entire media world and posted it on their website.  But they forgot to remove the meta-tag that bared the initials of Andrew Weissmann.  There is the culprit.

Now interestingly, the judge had no interest in this because my indictment was not unsealed by a federal magistrate until 9:30am.   So the dissemination of this at 7:00am was not legal.

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In February 2019, the Gateway Pundit obtained documents exclusively that showed a copy of the draft indictment without the PACER filing number or official stamps of the court, with metadata on the document identified it was authored by “AAW”, who is suspected to be lead Special Counsel prosecutor Andrew Weissmann.

CNN’s camera crew allegedly arrived at Stone’s residence a whole hour before the raid and CNN’s Sara Murray provided Stone’s attorney with a draft copy of the indictment in an early morning communique to confirm the FBI raid and arrest.

CNN was the only camera crew on the scene of the FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home.

CNN claimed their presence at the FBI raid on Stone’s South Florida home was a combination of luck and hard work, but the documents proved otherwise.  CNN’s “source” was indeed the Office of the Special Counsel, who colluded with the notoriously anti-Trump news network to produce a propaganda broadcast of the arrest that is reminiscent of the Nazi era tactics of the Gestapo and propaganda ministry led by Joseph Goebbels.

Stone’s attorneys asked both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to investigate these leaks and provide answers to the American people on how someone could have obtained sealed grand jury indictments.

Here is a copy of the letter by Grant J. Smith.


Here is a copy of the Metadata that shows the copy CNN obtained came from the FBI and not the courts.

Check out the second screen shot.

Metadata 2:

This data shows the author of the document is “AAW” or Andrew Weissmann.

Stone explained to Hannity that the Mueller gang had turned up nothing in their Russia collusion sham, so they went after Stone in hopes of getting him to lie about President Trump and make claims of the President doing something nefarious or illegal.  Stone said he would never lie or make up some BS for the Mueller gang in an effort to have President Trump removed from office.

Stone was the last indictment by the Mueller gang and he was railroaded through corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s court for crimes that were immaterial and never should have been brought before the court.

Dirty Andrew Weissman knew this but he needed to get Trump on something so he went after Stone.

Stone is currently awaiting being sent to prison for some BS charges brought by corrupt attorneys in the Mueller gang, held in corrupt Judge Jackson’s court with a corrupt jury assessing guilt.  Stone was totally railroaded and bankrupted.

** To help Roger fight back against this rogue prosecutor, patriots can visit

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Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Kayleigh McEnany After Press Conference ‘Scolding’

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel shared a hypothesis with viewers about why President Donald Trump would take an unproven drug to prevent the coronavirus but refused to wear a mask. “I thought about it for a long time last night and I’ve come to what I think is the only reasonable conclusion,” the late-night host said. “He’s trying to kill himself.” 

Apparently White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn’t find that joke very funny. 

“Have you been watching the Hydroxy Horror Picture Show?” Kimmel asked Wednesday night. “The president this week claimed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine to stave off the coronavirus. And of course his disciples are now doing it too.” 

Citing reports that Trump fans have been attempting to make their own hydroxychloroquine at home, Kimmel added, “I have to say I like this idea. That’s good old-fashioned American initiative! Boil up some homemade hydroxy! What could possibly go wrong?”

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‘They were all told by the president it would be OK…and now they’re dead…’ Duff on Press TV (video repaired)

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MOSCOW, MAY 14 — RT is now accepting entries for the 2020 Khaled Alkhateb Memorial Awards, an annual international competition that recognizes the best journalism from conflict zones. The competition, now in its third year, was established in honor of RT Arabic freelancer, Khaled Alkhateb, who died in 2017 while reporting from the frontlines in Syria.

The Khaled Alkhateb Memorial Awards is presented in three categories: Best Video Journalism from a Conflict Zone: Long Form; Best Video Journalism from a Conflict Zone: Short Form; and Best Written Journalism from a Conflict Zone.

The inaugural year of the competition in 2018 saw entries from more than 20 countries in 10 different languages. The winners were journalists from Iraq and Ireland, whose reporting shed light on the situation in Iraq and Syria following the expulsion of ISIS, and a journalist from Singapore for her coverage of the seizure of Marawi, Philippines by ISIS terrorists. Judging was conducted by an international jury of news media professionals and experts on the subject of war and armed conflicts, including former CBS correspondent Philip Ittner and the Association for International Broadcasting’s Tom Wragg.

In 2019, the jury selected the best entries from 25 countries. Journalists from Russia, the US, Italy, and India took top honors for their reports about conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. The 2019 awards ceremony took place as part of the RT Media Talk – ‘Covering Conflict: Dimensions, Risks And Responsibilities Of Journalism In The Hot Zone’. Acclaimed journalists from all over the world discussed impartiality when covering international conflicts, debunking fake news from the frontlines, and other important issues facing today’s media.

The winners of the third annual Khaled Alkhateb Memorial Awards will be announced on July 30, which marks the day on which 25-year-old RT Arabic stringer Khaled Alkhateb was killed by ISIS shelling in Homs, Syria, in 2017. Khaled had been covering the fighting between Syrian government forces and terrorists. In 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin posthumously honored Khaled with the Medal for Courage.

Find out more and submit your entry at

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President Trump Abruptly Ends Press Conference After CBS and CNN Reporters Disrupt Briefing

President Trump has been experimenting with new formats for holding press briefings since the daily COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus task force briefings devolved into daily brawls with obnoxious reporters deliberately distorting Trump’s comments to make him come off as if he wanted to poison Americans with disinfectants.

Monday afternoon Trump tried a Rose Garden setting with reporters wearing mandatory masks after two White House staffers tested positive for the virus last week. The subject was increased testing to get the country ready for reopening.

The press conference was going reasonably well, with reporters asking questions and follow-ups without incident until Trump called on CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang for a second time and then CNN’s Kaitlan Collins got in on the act.

Jiang accused Trump of viewing testing for the virus as a “global competition” because he keeps saying how America leads the world in testing while “everyday Americans are still losing their lives and we’re still seeing more cases every day”. Trump told her people are losing their lives everywhere in the world and that she should ask that question of China.

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Jiang, who was born in China, took offense at Trump telling her she should ask her question of China. The pandemic virus originated in the Hubei province city of Wuhan in China last November. China did not inform the world until late January the virus could be spread human to human. At that point the virus was seeded around the world leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands people.

Trump called on another reporter but Jiang interjected asking why he said she should ask China that question. Trump told an indignant Jiang who stood and badgered Trump that he was not telling her specifically but to “anybody that would ask a nasty question like that”. Trump signaled for another reporter in the back to ask a question, bypassing CNN’s Kaitlan Collins who had hung back and waited for Jiang to harangue Trump when Trump pointed to her to ask a question. Collins stepped to the microphone anyway and demanded to ask her questions. Collins would not leave the mic and kept talking when Trump told her she had missed her turn, so Trump ended the press conference and walked back into the White House.


Split screen:

Trump earlier made clear his anger with China over its conduct regarding the virus.

Video of Jiang’s first question accusing Trump of suppressing the number of cases and deaths to reopen the country.

Jiang indicated Sunday night she was ready to rumble, “JUST IN: The President will hold a formal press briefing tomorrow for the first time since April 27th. The topic is “testing”, which great because I have a lot of questions.”

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President Trump Calls for Chuck Todd to Be Fired After Meet the Press Airs Deceptive Video of AG Barr

President Trump called for NBC to fire Meet the Press host Chuck Todd Sunday night after Todd used a deceptively edited video clip of Attorney General William Barr to smear Barr about his decision to drop the Justice Department case against former Trump National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (U.S. Army Ret.). Trump copied FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on his tweet.

“Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd should be FIRED by “Concast” (NBC) for this fraud. He knew exactly what he was doing. Public Airwaves = Fake News! @AjitPaiFCC @FCC”

Todd used a deceptively edited video clip from Barr’s interview Friday with CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge about the Flynn case. Barr was asked how history would judge his decision to drop the charge of lying to the FBI that Flynn had pled guilty to. Barr mused that history is written by the winners but expressed his belief “a fair history would say that it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law. It helped, it upheld the standards of the Department of Justice and it undid what was an injustice.”

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Todd aired a video clip of Barr’s answer that cut off the part where he spoke about the rule of law. Todd set up the hit job by saying to panelist Peggy Noonan, “Uh, you brought up Bill Barr, Peggy Noonan. I want you to listen to this Bill Barr answer to a question, ‘what will history say about this?’. Wait til you hear this answer. Take a listen.”

After showing the deceptively edited clip, Todd said, “I was struck, Peggy, by the cynicism of the answer. It’s a correct answer. But he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, yeah, this a political job.”

Todd’s maliciously deceptive video edit was illustrated by the Daily Caller’s Greg Price.

Todd’s lie was called out by DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec and later by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

“Very disappointed by the deceptive editing/commentary by @ChuckTodd on @MeetThePress on AG Barr’s CBS interview. Compare the two transcripts below. Not only did the AG make the case in the VERY answer Chuck says he didn’t, he also did so multiple times throughout the interview.”

“The completely dishonest editing by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press is exposed below. Attorney General Bill Barr DID “make the case” that he was upholding the rule of law, but Todd uses deceptive editing to leave that part out.”

Meet the Press tweeted a statement to Kupec Sunday night that called the edit ‘inadvertent’, “You’re correct. Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error.”

Chuck Todd has not posted a comment as of this writing.

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Vice President Mike Pence Says He’s ‘Not in Quarantine’ After Press Secretary Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday refuted reports that he is in self-isolation away from the White House after his press secretary tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a statement from his office.

“Vice President Pence will continue to follow the advice of the White House Medical Unit and is not in quarantine,” reads a statement from Devin O’Malley, his spokesperson. “Additionally, Vice President Pence has tested negative every single day and plans to be at the White House tomorrow.”

The vice president didn’t attend a meeting on Saturday with President Donald Trump and top military officials, according to Bloomberg News. The news organization also reported that he was staying at his home at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington “out of an abundance of caution.”

The White House was thrust into chaos late last week after one of Trump’s personal valets tested positive for the coronavirus. The unnamed individual is a member of the U.S. Navy and part of a military unit in the White House that frequently has close contact with Trump and his family.

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Pence Press Secretary Tests Positive for Coronavirus Day After Close Trump Aide Sidelined by Virus

Katie Miller, 25, press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence and the wife of senior Trump administration official Stephen Miller, tested positive for the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus Friday. The news of Miller’s test result comes a day after a White House military valet who serves President Trump and his family was reported to also have tested positive for the virus. Newlyweds Katie and Stephen Miller were married on February 16.

Trump and Pence both report they have tested negative, with their weekly testing being increased this week to daily testing with the new rapid response Abbott Laboratories test. Trump said Friday morning he will be tested for antibodies.

Excerpt from Politico:

Katie Miller, a spokesperson for Vice President Mike Pence, has tested positive for coronavirus, according to two people with knowledge of Miller’s diagnosis.

Miller’s positive diagnosis for Covid-19 puts the potential threat of the infection squarely into the president’s inner circle. Miller serves as the vice president’s top spokesperson, traveling with him frequently and attending meetings by his side. She is also married to another top White House aide and senior adviser, Stephen Miller, who writes the majority of Trump’s speeches and spends copious amounts of time around the president, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

…White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany earlier on Friday confirmed that a member of the vice president’s team had tested positive for coronavirus — just one day after one of President Donald Trump’s personal valets contracted the illness — although did not specify who the person was.

The vice president’s trip to Iowa on Friday was delayed by more than an hour as six other Pence staffers who had been in contact with Miller were removed from Air Force Two.

The White House said that the Pence staffer had tested negative on Thursday before receiving positive test results Friday morning. A senior administration official told reporters that the president and vice president had not been in contact with the person recently…

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End excerpt. Please read the complete Politico report at this link.

The Politico report was confirmed by Trump at a White House meeting with GOP congressmen and women, “Trump confirms White House staffer who tested positive is a “press person” for Pence named Katie. ⁦@VPPressSec⁩ Katie Miller is married to Stephen Miller, another White House staffer.”

UPDATE: Video of Trump discussing Katie Miller:

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US COVID to Hit 500,000, Carol on Press TV – Veterans Today

Carol graduated from Riverside White Cross School of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio and received her diploma as a registered nurse. She attended Bowling Green State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Literature. She attended the University of Toledo, College of Nursing, and received a Master’s of Nursing Science Degree as an Educator.

She has traveled extensively, is a photographer, and writes on medical issues. Carol has three children RJ, Katherine, and Stephen – two daughters-in-law; Suzy and Katie – two granddaughters; Isabella Marianna and Zoe Olivia – and one grandson, Alexander Paul. She also shares her life with husband Gordon Duff, many cats, and two rescue pups.

Carol’s Archives 2009-2013

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White House Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany RIPS Fake News Outlets For Pretending They Never Downplayed Threat of Coronavirus (VIDEO)

Kayleigh McEnany

President Trump’s new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday ripped media outlets for pretending they never downplayed the threat of the Coronavirus.

A pompous liberal reporter tried to play gotcha games with Kayleigh McEnany during a press briefing and ended up getting humiliated instead.

The fake news media back in January criticized President Trump for implementing a travel restriction on incoming flights from China.

Washington Post, New York Times, NPR and other left-wing advocacy groups posing as media outlets downplayed the Coronavirus in January, February and even March while President Trump was making bold moves to minimize the spread of the Wuhan virus.

TRENDING: Texas Governor And Attorney General Call For Immediate Release Of Jailed Salon Owner, Rip Judge For ‘Political Stunt’

Now the media is acting like President Trump didn’t do enough to stop the Wuhan virus from spreading in the US.

Kayleigh McEnany put the liberal reporter in his place and walked out of the press briefing room like a boss.


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American Civil Liberties Union to Press Joe Biden For ‘Concrete Answer’ On Criminal Justice

The American Civil Liberties Union is preparing to formally call on former Vice President Joe Biden to release a policy plan that would cut mass incarceration in half as part of an effort to hold the presumptive Democratic nominee accountable for his prior commitment. 

In an email to The Daily Beast, the legal advocacy group said they intend to urge Biden to present a concrete answer to how he will address the country’s prison population that shows he’s serious about prioritizing racial issues and criminal justice reform. 

“We want to know how he’d operationalize this,” Lauren Weiner, the organization’s director of strategic communications, said. “We’ve laid out some recommendations, but if he’s serious about addressing racial issues and criminal justice (as he talked about this weekend), we need more concrete of an answer.”

Weiner said members of the ACLU have previously shared their guidance on how to achieve that 50 percent target with the Biden campaign and other Democrats, and that they plan to follow up with a letter to the former vice president now that he is slated to compete against President Trump in November. The group is also making the same ask to Trump’s campaign. 

“We’ve long advocated for the need to reduce the prison population and aggressively address racial disparities in the criminal legal system. On the trail, Joe Biden made a commitment cut incarceration – which disproportionately impacts Blacks – by at least half and we hope to see the details of how he’ll get there,” Ronnie Newman, the organization’s national political director, told The Daily Beast. 

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