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Woman goes viral for ill-informed Twitter rant after being ejected from beach — RT UK News

An English woman was left red-faced after being caught red-headed flouting lockdown rules by police on a Welsh beach. Despite invoking the decree of Boris Johnson, it was the woman’s geographical knowledge which let her down.

The woman reportedly travelled 100 miles from the West Midlands to Gwynedd beach in Barmouth on Wednesday, the hottest day of the year so far, blissfully unaware that different lockdown rules apply to different countries in the United Kingdom.

In footage from the scene, as police confront her she pointedly asks: “You’re telling me it’s illegal to be at this beach when Boris Johnson said that you can?”

In her defense, which she later posted in a foul-mouthed tirade on Twitter, she claimed she “didn’t realise Wales wasn’t in England.”

“I was ignorant. I didn’t realise Wales wasn’t in England… Fully understand I was in the wrong. See I admit when I f**k up,” the woman later posted in a barrage of brummie bluster, according to North Wales Live.

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“But tomorrow we going to an English beach. F**k you Wales you bunch of ba****ds. No f**ker was even there locals lined up waiting.”

At the moment, rules in England state that, once social distancing is observed, people are free to exercise, sunbathe and picnic as they please, so long as they return home the same day. 

In Wales, daily exercise is unlimited but must be performed solo or with members of our household. Gatherings with members of other households is not permitted and neither is unnecessary travel. 

Sunbathing is still prohibited in public in Wales for the foreseeable future.

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SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT! Singapore Woman Linked to Bill Gates, Soros and China Is Flagging and Removing ALL VIDEO CONTENT by California Doctors Behind Viral Video

Flora Teoh

The far left tech companines are moving at light speed to eliminate free speech in the West.

The YouTube-Google CEO announced recently that the world’s largest video platform would only allow WHO approved talking points on their platform.  They will delete other videos that are not approved by the China-dominated health organization.

Facebook enlisted several far left groups to ‘factcheck’ articles written by conservatives in an effort to prevent the real truth or a different point of view from being decimated to the public. 

This is happening every day.  Being one of the most influential conservative news outlets in the US — The Gateway Pundit has been targeted by the false “fact-checkers” for several years since the 2016 election.

TRENDING: House Democrats Say Trump-Russia Obstruction Investigation ‘Ongoing’ – Could Result in New Articles of Impeachment!

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft testified in front of Congress in 2018 about the censorship on Facebook.

But the censorship tactics by Facebook have reached a shocking new low.

On April 25, 2020, TGP reported on two California doctors of immunology and owners of a Bakersfield Urgent Care facility.  The two doctors suggested only the sick and immuno-compromised individuals must be quarantined, not healthy people.  The two doctors who see patients daily also suggested the virus has spread widely in their California community.  This phenomena has also been reported in Boston, Miami, Santa Clara, Chicago and several European countries.

Via an earlier post on TGP:

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi said their facilities have tested over 5,200 patients for the coronavirus throughout the county, making up for over half of all testing in Kern. According to their data, the death rate of the coronavirus is similar in prevalence to the flu. Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi have extrapolated their numbers based on visits to their specific Urgent Care facility, not the general population and thus may have overestimated infection numbers, though underestimating mortality rates, in California.

The doctors also suggested that sheltering in place for the general public would limit microbial exposure and lead to weaker immune systems. Home environments, however, do in fact contain trillions of microbes.

Nearly a month after our reporting, a ‘factchecker’ by the name of Flora Teoh, who is not a medical doctor, claimed that the Bakersfield doctors were promoting false information.  Flora Teoh concluded the US doctors were not telling the truth.

Here is part of the email strike that we received from Facebook on Monday:

The Gateway Pundit did a deep dive on Ms. Flora Teoh and this is what we found.

Ms. Flora Teoh was born in mainland China to an affluent family.  It’s unknown if they were or are part of the Communist regime but Ms. Teoh’s lifestyle was excessive.

Miss Teoh traveled to Europe first class and stayed at luxurious hotels.

We discovered that Ms. Teoh obtained her PhD in Singapore in 2017.  In October 2017 she held a post-doc at the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR).

Ms. Flora Teoh was let go there after ten months because of ‘poor professional fit.’

In 7-2018, Flora joined Asian Scientist Magazine as an intern but was let go after two months due to ‘performance-related’ issues.

In Singapore, Ms. Teoh used her connections to get into the Dragon Boat races there:

Teoh is affiliated with multiple international organizations that are sponsored by Facebook, Google, MacArthur Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, and Omidyar Network.

In November of 2018, she joined Science Feedback, a crypto Facebook affiliate as a science editor.

Her assignments for 2020 have been to:

  • Monitor and control political discourse related to science
  • Gatekeep and censor ‘conservative’ scientific content
  • Promote media that is aligned with ‘progressive’ science

Flora Teoh is a contributor to several ‘fact-checking’ organizations such as, International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), and the International Data Verification Network, which aims to promote ‘good’ journalistic practices by fighting the dissemination of what they term fake-news. IFCN is a project of the Poynter Institute for media studies that was created in 2015. Poynter gets its funding grants from entities such as: Google, MacArthur Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, the Open Society Foundations and Omidyar Network.

Teoh’s organizations are part of an international ‘progressive’ data verification network that is supported Open Society Foundations (Soros) and the Omidyar Network (Pierre Omidyar).

Omidyar is also funding the ‘Defeat Disinfo’ AI Information Warfare Platform to fight President Trump’s Covid-19 narrative. Both Soros and Omidyar have also sponsored The Intercept, a publication that released documents stolen by Edward Snowden. In 2018, they also launched the Luminate platform that has distributed over $314 million to finance ‘progressive’ journalistic projects around the world. Health Feedback is one of these projects.

Ms. Teoh is far left.  She bragged about reading corrupt former FBI Director Jim Comey’s book:

Ms. Teoh’s writings as a “Science Editor” for entities like Facebook and Google are infected with her left wing bias:

Ms. Teoh is the typical far left “Factchecker” used by entities like Google and Facebook. 

She has a sketchy record and connections to China, George Soros and the Gates Foundation. 

There was no way that two California doctors of immunology were going to get a fair assessment from Ms. Teoh, Facebook, George Soros or the Gates Foundation.

Facebook is now openly using far left operatives with links to China and Soros to silence US Doctors in the field!

This should not be legal.  

Research and data provided by Yaacov Apelbaum

Update:  The Gateway Pundit heard back from Flora Teoh today and she said she will remove our “strike” if we remove the video by US Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi.  The two US doctors are no longer allowed to speak to Americans on Facebook.  Miss Teoh will not allow it.

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‘It’s Just a Joke’: ‘Holocaust Tattoos’ Video Goes Viral on TikTok, Polarizes Public


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Sputnik International

The author of the video reportedly argued that some Jewish people have actually found a “funny side” to his creation.

A video involving a joke about ID tattoos that were used in Nazi concentration camps during WWII has attracted quite a bit of attention on TikTok, the Algemeiner reports.

The video, which the newspaper described as “antisemitic”, shows a passenger getting in a cab, with a caption on the screen saying “Jewish guy getting in my taxi” and with the song “No Scrubs” by TLC playing in the background.

As the driver than asks the passengers name, another subtitle states that the latter “rolls up sleeve to check”, followed by the driver lip syncing the part of the song’s lyrics that says “No, I don’t want your number”.

The video was uploaded on 28 April by a UK resident named Bradley Brooker and has since been viewed over 600,000 times, accruing about 60,000 “likes” in the process, the newspaper adds.

“If you read through the comments on the video there have been Jewish people finding the funny side to it”, Brooker reportedly said this week regarding the matter. “It’s not me hating a religion — it’s just a joke.”

However, while some netizens apparently described his clip on TikTok as “hysterical” and “creative”, a number of people have also taken a dim view of it and of the platform that hosted it.

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Seen ‘Plandemic’? We Take A Close Look At The Viral Conspiracy Video’s Claims : NPR

A slickly produced 26-minute video called Plandemic has exploded on social media in recent days, claiming to present a view of COVID-19 that differs from the “official” narrative.

The video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube via links that are replaced as quickly as the video-sharing service can remove them for violating its policy against “COVID-19 misinformation.”

In it, filmmaker Mikki Willis conducts an uncritical interview with Judy Mikovits, who he says has been called “one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation.”

Never heard of her? You’re not alone.

Two prominent scientists with backgrounds in AIDS research and infectious diseases, who asked not to be identified over concerns of facing a backlash on social media, told NPR that they did not know who she was.

If you were aware of Mikovits before this week, it is probably for two books she published with co-author Kent Heckenlively, one in 2017 and another last month. Heckenlively has also written a book himself espousing the discredited link between autism and the vaccines. You might also know Mikovits for her central role in a pair of scientific controversies. One involves a paper she co-authored in 2009 that was published in the journal Science, and the other concerns allegations that she stole notebooks and a laptop from a laboratory.

Research gone bad

In the 2009 paper in which Mikovits is among 13 researchers who claimed to have found that a mouse retrovirus may contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the video, filmmaker Willis says the paper “sent shock waves through the scientific community, as it revealed the common use of animal and human fetal tissues were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases.”

However, two years after its publication, the paper was retracted by the authors, an unusual occurrence in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Science wrote at the time that “multiple laboratories, including those of the original authors, have failed to reliably detect” the mouse retrovirus in chronic fatigue syndrome patients. “In addition, there is evidence of poor quality control in a number of specific experiments in the Report.”

In 2011, Judy Mikovits was fired from the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, in Reno, Nev. She was then accused of stealing notebooks and a computer.

David Calvert/AP

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David Calvert/AP

In 2011, Judy Mikovits was fired from the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, in Reno, Nev. She was then accused of stealing notebooks and a computer.

David Calvert/AP

The second controversy came the same year the paper was retracted and involved Mikovits being fired from Whittemore Peterson Institute, a laboratory located on the University of Nevada campus in Reno, where she was research director.

The lab claimed that she “wrongfully removed lab notebooks and other proprietary information,” according to a contemporaneous report by KRNV TV in Reno.

In Plandemic, Mikovits relates her arrest over the incident, saying she was “held in jail without charges. I was called a ‘fugitive from justice.’ “

Speaking as footage of what appears to be a police SWAT team executing a nighttime raid plays over her words, she says: “No warrant. They literally drug me out of the house. Our neighbors are looking at what’s going on here.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Mikovits was arrested in California as a fugitive on a warrant issued by police from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Days later, according to KRNV, she turned herself in to authorities in Reno. The television station’s report makes clear that a two-count criminal complaint was filed against her — for possession of stolen property and for unlawfully taking computer data and equipment. Both are felonies.

“Mikovits’ lawyer, Scott Freeman, says his client is baffled at the criminal charges filed against her,” the news report says.

She claims in the video that the material she was accused of stealing was “planted” in her house.

Although the criminal charges were later dropped, the lab where she worked subsequently won a default judgment in a civil suit against her seeking the return of the items. The case was bolstered in part by a colleague at the institute (and a co-author on the retracted study) who admitted in an affidavit that he had taken items from the lab on behalf of Mikovits.

NPR reached out to Whittemore Peterson Institute for comment, but received no reply.

Ironically, Mikovits was a co-author on the study viewed as the final nail in that 2009 study she took part in. In an email to Science Insider, she wrote that it was the only work she could find after her professional and legal woes.

Accusations against Fauci

Many of Mikovits’ claims concern perceived professional slights or conflicts that she attributes to various high-profile individuals who have become even more prominent in recent weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most salient among them are Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, Dr. Robert Redfield, the current director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr, Robert Gallo, an AIDS pioneer who is now director at the Institute of Human Virology and scientific director at the Global Virus Network.

A statement emailed to NPR from the National Institutes of Health, which oversees Fauci’s NIAID, stated: “The National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are focused on critical research aimed at ending the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing further deaths. We are not engaging in tactics by some seeking to derail our efforts.”

In an article originally published in 2018, Snopes reported on a claim by Mikovits that Fauci sent an email that “threatened her with arrest if she visited the National Institutes of Health to participate in a study to validate her chronic fatigue research.”

“I have no idea what she is talking about. I can categorically state that I have never sent such an e-mail,” Fauci told the fact-checking website. “I would never make such a statement in an e-mail that anyone ‘would be immediately arrested’ if they stepped foot on NIH property.”

Profiting from patents and COVID-19 payments?

Mikovits also says Fauci has profited from patents bearing his name that were derived from research done at NIAID. While the details of her claims are hard to pin down, The Associated Press did report in 2005 that scientists at the National Institutes of Health “have collected millions of dollars in royalties for experimental treatments without having to tell patients testing the treatments that the researchers’ had a financial connection.”

Fauci and his deputy, Clifford Lane, were among those who received royalty payments from patents at NIH. Fauci later told The BMJ, a peer-reviewed medical journal, that as a government employee, he was required by law to put his name on the patent.

According to BMJ, Fauci “said that he felt it was inappropriate to receive payment and donated the entire amount to charity.”

Mikovits also appears to cast doubt on the official statistics regarding COVID-19 deaths, saying that doctors and hospitals have been “incentivized” to count deaths unrelated to the disease as having been caused by the coronavirus infection because of payouts from Medicare.

In fact, a 20% premium was tacked on to Medicare payments for treatment of COVID-19 patients as part of the recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

However, a fact check published recently in USA Today concluded: “There have been no public reports that hospitals are exaggerating COVID-19 numbers to receive higher Medicare payments.”

The ‘out of lab’ theory

In the video, Mikovits is asked whether she believes the novel coronavirus came out of a lab — something that NPR’s Geoff Brumfiel and Emily Kwong have thoroughly investigated and found that the vast majority of scientists in the field of infectious diseases dismiss the idea that a lab created the virus or accidentally released it. President Trump and other senior administration officials have pushed the accidental release theory without presenting evidence.

“I wouldn’t use the word ‘created,’ ” Mikovits says in the video. “But you can’t say ‘naturally occurring’ if it was by way of the laboratory.”

“It’s very clear this virus was manipulated, this family of viruses was manipulated and studied in a laboratory, where the animals were taken into the laboratory, and this is what was released, whether deliberate or not,” she adds.

Asked where the alleged lab-release occurred, Mikovits asserts that she’s “sure” it happened “between” the North Carolina laboratories (presumably the Virus Culture Laboratory at the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health) and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in Maryland, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Again, there is no publicly available evidence to support her claim.

The video correctly points to U.S. cooperation with and funding for the Wuhan laboratory but implies by way of innuendo that the link is sinister in nature rather than standard international cooperation. In fact, as NPR’s Nurtith Aizenman has reported, “many experts say [such cooperation] is vital to preventing the next major coronavirus outbreak.”

Mikovits also says it’s not possible for the coronavirus, formally known as SARS-CoV-2, to have evolved from the original severe acute respiratory syndrome virus, stating that “would take it up to 800 years to occur.”

Her statement belies the fact that viruses are well-known to evolve rapidly, with the seasonal flu strain, for instance, changing so quickly that a new vaccine is required each year. In a 2012 study of one virus, researchers at Michigan State University found that if its normal route for infection was blocked, it only took a matter of weeks for it to evolve another one.

“Teaching” Ebola to infect humans?

Mikovits also claims to have worked at the Fort Detrick’s USAMRIID in 1999, where she says her job “was to teach Ebola how to infect human cells without killing them.”

“Ebola couldn’t infect human cells until we took it into the laboratories and taught [it],” she states.

While NPR could not verify Mikovits’ claims to have worked at the lab nor the nature of the work she might have done there, her statements simply don’t pass the sniff test. If, in 1999, her research was aimed at getting Ebola to infect humans, she was behind the curve — by decades.

The first Ebola outbreak occurred in 1976 in central Africa, killing 280 people. Between 1976 and 1999, there were several more such outbreaks that killed hundreds of people.

Clearly, Ebola was able to infect humans long before 1999.

In addition to Heckenlively, her book collaborator, Mikovits has made spurious claims about vaccines, although she insists in the video that she is not “anti-vaccination.” As recently as July, she spoke before a group opposed to a California bill aimed at clamping down on exemptions to vaccinations in children.

Opposition to CDC guidelines

Finally, a number of individuals described as doctors in the video are seen questioning the guidelines put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on social distancing and other preventative measures, or suggesting the same profit motive for COVID-19 diagnoses that Mikovits promotes.

Although none are identified by name, one appears on a television chyron to be Minnesota state Sen. Scott Jensen, a family physician from Chaska.

On Thursday, Jensen said he had “taken a ton of heat and even some threatening messages” over his stance, particularly since Plandemic has gone viral. But he said he stands by his criticisms of the government response to the pandemic.

Two others who appear in the video — identified as California urgent care clinic doctors — called last month for an end to stay-at-home orders. They have since been rebuked by two national physicians groups.

“The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) jointly and emphatically condemn the recent opinions released by Dr. Daniel Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi. These reckless and untested musings do not speak for medical societies and are inconsistent with current science and epidemiology regarding COVID-19,” a statement said.

The groups added: “As owners of local urgent care clinics, it appears these two individuals are releasing biased, non-peer-reviewed data to advance their personal financial interests without regard for the public’s health.”

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Scheer Intelligence: Does Medicare For All Await Us At The End Of This Viral Massacre?

Scheer Intelligence: Does Medicare For All Await Us At The End Of This Viral Massacre?

By Robert Scheer, Popular Resistance.

| Educate!, Featured Campaign

Scheer Intelligence: Does Medicare For All Await Us At The End Of This Viral Massacre?2020-05-08PopularResistance.Org

Above image: By Mr. Fish.

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed a number of fatal flaws in the ways the United States operates that all link back to capitalism. Perhaps the most egregious, however, is the country’s inhumane health care system. Given the global spread of Covid-19, it has been possible to witness in real time how other countries have fared against the deadly virus, and for anyone paying attention to health care systems, it has been clear from the onset that the American system, which boasts the highest costs in the world, was going to lead to mass death on a scale unseen in other nations. The combination of obscene health insurance costs, as well as deductibles and copays, and the fact that it is often tied to employment–a problem exacerbated by the rapid rise in unemployment linked to lockdowns across the U.S.–has left many Americans without recourse amid a pandemic in which the overall health of the nation has been determined by those who can’t access health care. 

Dr. Margaret Flowers, a physician, activist and the co-founder of the progressive site Popular Resistance who recently wrote about the coronavirus crisis,  joins “Scheer Intelligence” host Robert Scheer on the latest episode to discuss why the U.S. system was destined to fail Americans. 

Scheer cites the following passage from Flowers’ recent piece

“Although the USA comprises five percent of the global population, 32 percent of Covid-19 cases and 25 percent of deaths worldwide are there. By contrast, China, where the novel coronavirus originated, has one-tenth of the number of cases and deaths, despite having a population that is four times larger.”

“We spend more money than anybody in the world, certainly, on health care per capita. We claim we have the best system,” says Scheer, ultimately asking the doctor, “How is it possible that we have a much poorer record, not only than China, than most of the world?” 

“If we look at the countries around the world that have responded well to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Flowers responds, “we find that what they have in common is that they have universal health care systems, with central planning, that are designed to actually address the health needs of the population. And that’s exactly the opposite of what we have in the United States.” 

The health care advocate, who has advised members of Congress on health care policy, goes on to explain the stark differences between the U.S. and Chinese approaches to the crisis. While indicating that President Donald Trump’s delayed response increased the gravity of the situation, Flowers declares that the issues the pandemic has revealed long predate the reality TV star’s presidency. 

“This whole problem really started before President Trump,” she tells Scheer. “As people who advocate for a universal health care system, we’ve been warning for a long time that the United States was not prepared for any type of serious epidemic or pandemic because of the fundamental way that our health care system is designed, and that’s really to make profit.”

The moral implications of a system set up to feed off people at their most vulnerable are coming into high relief now that the pandemic is sweeping the nation. Perhaps, however, the coronavirus will succeed in putting to rest a fundamental lie at the core of the American health care system, as Flowers indicates, that somehow individuals lacking personal responsibility are the real reason American health care is so costly. 

“I hear so many times that people would be healthier if they just took personal responsibility,” the pediatrician says, “And that drives me crazy. When you understand that when you live in a society where the air is polluted, the water is polluted, you don’t have access to healthy food, you’re working three jobs to keep your family fed. Those are external factors that have huge impacts on health that people just don’t have control over.” 

Despite the dismal state of affairs, and the daily death tolls in the thousands that are endlessly heartbreaking, there may be reason to hope that beyond the pandemic, a radical change is lurking. And it won’t be a minute too soon, since, as Scheer hypothesizes, pandemics may become the “new normal” of human existence in a globally connected world. Citing the frustrations she experienced during her time as an adviser to Congress Democrats such as Dennis Kucinich, Flowers explains how the most excruciating thing she witnessed was the government’s lopsided use of taxpayer money. 

“It was just amazing to me how, if it’s for the Pentagon, if it’s for our so-called, you know, defense, then there’s an unlimited checkbook there,” the Popular Resistance co-founder relates. “But even knowing that a national, improved Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care system would cost less than what we’re spending right now, we still have not been able to win it, although I think that we’re very close. 

“I think that this pandemic has so exposed the failures of our health care system,” she concludes, “that we have a unique opportunity right now. We’ve been building for it for a long time, but I think we have an opportunity to really push and win that.” 

Listen to the full discussion between Flowers and Scheer as they talk about the global response to coronavirus, the economic and political implications of it, and the rise in surveillance linked to fighting Covid-19. 


Robert Scheer

Joshua Scheer

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Violent Social-Distancing Arrest Videos Go Viral, Putting NYPD on Defensive

The New York Police Department is facing criticism over its social-distancing enforcement after bystanders captured video showing aggressive or violent arrests in at least three separate incidents over the weekend.

On Sunday night, three cops were recorded handcuffing a young man against a Brooklyn sidewalk while residents watched from on a stoop. One officer struck the man’s head while the other cops pressed the suspect to the ground. “Back up!” the officer, wielding an expandable baton, yelled to a witness.

“That’s not necessary. He’s not a threat to you,” another onlooker says in the footage, which was circulated by Congressman Hakeem Jeffries on Tuesday, as well as a host of community activists. (While Jeffries suggested the video was taken Monday night, an NYPD spokeswoman told The Daily Beast the incident occurred Sunday.)

“Police officers aggressively ‘enforcing’ social distancing in our community,” Jeffries fumed in a Twitter post. “This occurred in East New York last evening. Why are sunbathers who violate social distancing guidelines treated one way and young men in certain communities another?” Jeffries seemed to be referencing photos taken this weekend at city parks, including Brooklyn’s Domino Park, which was packed with mostly white sunbathers. Some of those park-goers didn’t wear masks or appear to be social distancing yet presumably were not subjected to violent arrests. 

According to police spokeswoman Sgt. Mary Frances O’Donnell, the officers were responding to a group sitting on the stoop of a building in East New York at 10:10 p.m. The group was not social distancing, she said. 

O’Donnell said the suspect, Stephon Scott, walked away from the gathering and attempted to enter a police car. As a result, the sergeant attempted to stop Scott and walked him back to the curb. Scott struck the sergeant’s arm, and the officer arrested him, O’Donnell said.

Scott was charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. “Use of force in a police encounter of this kind is not synonymous with abuse of authority,” O’Donnell said in an email. 

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