Ten people are arrested after hundreds of anti-immigration protesters clashed with police in Dover – NewsWars

Ten people have been arrested during clashes between anti-immigration protesters and police in Dover on Saturday after a record 409 desperate asylum seekers crossed the Channel in one day this week.

Hundreds of campaigners were confronted by groups of pro-migrant protesters in a counter-demonstration following the arrival of 5,600 refugees in small boats this year.

The protest had blocked the A20 dual carriageway, the main route in and out of the port, which has since been reopened.

Rival protests took place in the Kent town just days after a record 416 migrants made it to the UK after crossing the English Channel.

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But by 2pm, the group of around 100 pro-migrant protesters that had gathered in the town centre had dispersed, while the anti-migrant activists were being walked off by officers.

The remaining anti-migrant protesters were pushed all the way up to the railway station, with police on horseback among the large numbers of officers moving the line along.

The Home Office – which has come under fire for its attacks on ‘activist lawyers’ – has insisted that it will make the sea route ‘unviable’.

Following days of bad weather, a flurry of migrant boats managed to cross the busy shipping lanes of the Dover strait to the UK on Wednesday.

On board the more than two dozen boats were at least 416 migrants, a single-day record.

Large numbers were seen being brought into Dover, packed aboard Border Force patrol vessels and sitting on the front of lifeboats.

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