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"That's Ridiculous": Jill Biden - Not Joe, Appears On Live TV To Defend VP's Cognitive Ability

“That’s Ridiculous”: Jill Biden – Not Joe, Appears On Live TV To Defend VP’s Cognitive Ability

Remember when the New York Times published an anonymous Op-Ed claiming that White House cabinet members were ‘whispering’ about removing President Trump by invoking the 25th amendment to claim that he’s mentally unfit to hold office? Trump immediately hit back, slamming the ‘failing’ Times and their ‘gutless’ anonymous source.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, can barely form sentences and recently snapped at a reporter for asking if he’d taken a cognitive test. It’s gotten so bad that the Trump campaign made the following ad:

And how has Biden responded to claims that he’s unfit to lead the country? By doing what all strong leaders do; sending his wife on national TV to defend him!

On Wednesday, Jill Biden appeared on NBC‘s “Today,” where she said that attacks on Joe’s cognitive ability are “ridiculous,” and that the question doesn’t belong in the public forum. She says Joe is “on the phone every single minute of the day,” and participating in Zoom calls, fundraisers and briefings.

The president’s campaign this week released an ad just really attacking your husband’s cognitive ability, suggesting he’s lost a step or two in the last few years. Is that a fair attack? Is that something that should be debated as part of a campaign?” asked host Savannah Guthrie, to which Jill replied “No.”

He doesn’t stop from 9:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. So that, you know, that’s ridiculous.


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