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The Fall of Steve Bannon, the Gristle Icarus

The Fall of Steve Bannon, the Gristle Icarus

This week’s online 2020 Democratic National Convention felt like the best PBS telethon since they threatened to publicly execute Elmo, according to The Daily Beast’s senior White House correspondent Asawin Suebsaeng in this episode of The New Abnormal. But it also, and finally, turned the “senile Biden” trope on its head. And as a special treat, Steve Bannon went down in the middle of it all.

Joe Biden gives his big headline speech and sounds suspiciously like a U.S. president. 

“It blew up the bullshit trope from the Republican Party and from the Trump campaign, that Biden is some doddering senile old man… he came out and he tore the goddamn bark off Donald Trump,” says Rick Wilson, who also had praise for an old adversary. “Michael Bloomberg went out there and just stuck a goddamn shiv in Donald Trump. It was some sweetness.”

He, Swin, and Molly Jong-Fast also debated whether progressives in the Democratic Party should fight harder to drag Biden to the left, but they were united in their glee over the arrest of Steve Bannon.

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