The Last Thing Tom Ford Wants to See Are ‘Serious Clothes’

The Last Thing Tom Ford Wants to See Are ‘Serious Clothes’

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, chairman of the CFDA, addressed his industry looking like the Zoolander cliché of a fashion person, wearing oversized sunglasses and an all-black ensemble featuring a satin scarf tied around his neck. He spoke with the affected accent of an American college student just back from studying in London. 

What should clothes look like right now? “The last thing I want to see are serious clothes,” he said. “We want to escape, we want to smile—what’s going on in the world doesn’t make us want to smile, but the customer is going to walk into the store in spring and respond to the clothes that make them feel happy, the clothes that make them feel secure.” 

So those clothes he designed, which he released in a look book rather than his typical, celeb-studded runway affair, reflect a general sense of fun. Zebra and cheetah print abound in the form of party dresses and hot pants bearing an elastic waist that reads his name. There are sweeping, bedazzled caftans, jumpsuits with necks down to the belly button, and crochet bikinis. 

Ford finished his remarks reminding everyone what followed the pandemic of 1918. “We had the roaring 20s, and it all came back,” he said with aplomb, apparently forgetting how that decade ended. Alaina Demopoulos

Collina Strada

Hillary Taymour worked straight through quarantine; when The Daily Beast checked in with the Collina Strada designer back in early April, she and her dog Powwow were walking from their Brooklyn apartment to Chinatown studio every morning, over a nearly-empty Williamsburg Bridge.

In the early days of the pandemic, she was hard at work making masks with deadstock fabric from her old collections; Taymour could produce about 30-40 a day. Now, we get to see what’s in store for next year. Collina Strada clothing always has a sense of humor and the shows are often events; this year’s digital offering was a video with a pulsing club beat soundtrack featuring the refrain, “I care a lot and I wear Collina Strada.”

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