The ‘Old Bookshop’ Soy Candle is the Best Gift for Book-Lovers

Escaping the madness of the world outside can be as simple as flipping open a familiar book. Bundled beneath a cozy blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, the pages will transport you to faraway lands filled with mystery, love, and fantasy. The reader in your life knows this all too well. When times get hard, they can be found in the warm embrace of their favorite novel. Fortunately, as the festive season looms, there’s one gift they will relish.

The ‘Old Bookshop’ Candle by Agarbetti is the ultimate accompaniment to any good binge-reading session. From the moment your friend or family member lights the wick, they will be pleasantly greeted with the conceptualized scent of ‘dusty tomes and leather bound books’. That’s created with a mix of grated ginger, dark plum, incense, and vanilla sugar, with cinnamon base, offset by white patchouli, light amber, cashmere woods, and tobacco leaf notes. That rich combination encapsulates the familiar smell of an old library or classic bookshop.

During the winter months, while your friend or loved one is hibernating, this gift is an easy way to bring the smell of a bookstore to them. Available on Etsy, the 150ml handmade candle is handsomely presented in a deep amber-colored jar featuring a minimal label. Unlike a large number of store-bought candles out there, this one is paraffin-free, which means that you get a clean burn (no nasty black spots!) from start to finish. As though that weren’t enough, the pure, natural soy-wax is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and cruelty-free.

Whether nestled on shelves or adorned on a bedside dresser, the candle will look perfectly at home in any bookworm’s abode. The next time your bibliophilic friend or family member feels the undeniable urge to get lost deep in the realms of a book, they can set the scene in an instant. Lighting the soy candle and experiencing its enticing fragrance — akin to aged pages and hazy rooms — changes the vibe of any room in a matter of seconds.

‘Old Bookshop’ Candle by Agarbetti

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