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The Planes Are Safe, It's The People Who Aren't

The Planes Are Safe, It’s The People Who Aren’t

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

Airplane circulations filters effectively handle Covid-19. That’s not the problem.

Leeham writer Bjorn Fehrm has said that the aircraft recirculation system is effective in controlling spread of virus. Here is part 1 of a multi-part series.

In part 9, Fehrm says the HEPA filters in the cabin return path are hospital-grade and remove 99.9% of the viruses.

Fehrm also comments on the need to stay hydrated because the recirculated air is very dry.

Today Leeham has a different take, but not about the recirculation system. itself.

Why I Won’t be Flying Soon

Please consider Pontifications: Why I Won’t be Flying Soon by Scott Hamilton.

Some airlines block center seats. Others abandoned the practice recently or didn’t do so from the start. (When flights were operating 10% full, blocking seats didn’t matter.)

Blocking center seats really is cosmetic. Social distancing guidelines call for six feet between you and the next person. Blocking a center seat provides about 18 inches wide and 29-30 inches fore-and-aft.

The problem is not the airplane. It’s the people who fly. Passengers flying without masks put everyone at risk in those 2-4 minutes, as well as during enplaning and deplaning.

And most airlines aren’t enforcing a mask policy. The federal government won’t issue a rule requiring masks. Containing the virus requires passenger cooperation. It’s not there yet.

User’s Guide To Masks

NPR has User’s Guide To Masks that some may be interested in.

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