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The Supreme Court’s Quiet Campaign to Suppress the Vote

The Supreme Court’s Quiet Campaign to Suppress the Vote

While attention focused on President Trump’s taxes, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority spent much of this year’s session quietly chipping away at the ability of Democrats to cast ballots in November.

It has been clear since the Supreme Court literally handed the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000—based on a decision so shoddily and dishonestly reasoned that the court declared its own  ruling was not to be relied upon in the future—that conservative justices are not above using their power to tilt or even decide elections. In fact, it’s happening right now. 

As Trump’s ongoing rants against voting by mail demonstrate, hindering, and even barring, Democratic votes is critical to the GOP’s increasingly tenuous hopes of retaining the White House, as well as control of the Senate and many state legislatures, in November. And the Court, which has been chipping away at voting rights since John Roberts’ arrival there as Chief Justice in 2005, has accelerated its efforts this year, just in time for Trump’s re-election bid.

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