They Were Example to All: Life of Soviet Pioneers in Colour

Sputnik International

The broad children’s social movement, Young Pioneers, was a mass youth organisation in the Soviet Union for children aged 9–15 that existed between 1922 and 1991.

The Young Pioneers were members of the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organisation of the Soviet Union, known for their good behaviour, encouraged by activities that benefited the community. They looked after animals, helped in libraries, gathered food and clothes for soldiers, assisted the elderly, and much more.

“Rise high our campfires into the blue night, we are pioneers, the children of the workers, near is the time of our best years and the pioneers’ motto is, ‘Always be ready’!” the famous Pioneer song reads, perfectly describing the atmosphere of that time. 

Despite the organisation being disbanded in 1991 right before the fall of the Soviet Union, its spirit and its songs live on in Russian society and popular culture.

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