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Thieves break into Israel army base using drones

Suspected thieves have broken into an Israeli army base in southern Israel, using drones to gather intelligence and cause a blackout, reported Israeli media outlets.

Israel's Channel 12 news revealed that the thieves used drones to break into the Natan base in the city of Beersheba, one of which hit the power grid causing a blackout, allowing the thieves to make their entry.

According to the channel, the perpetrators failed to steal any weapons from the base, but succeeded in stealing other military equipment.

The channel divulged that the police and the army were aware of the planned attack, but did not take measures to thwart it.

The Israeli channel did not issue any details about the stolen equipment, pointing out that no suspects have yet been arrested.

"Following exceptional events in the area, the base's level of readiness was raised immediately, including strengthening security and defence targets," according to the Israeli army's statement to the network.

"We emphasise that no weapons were stolen from the unit and there was no damage to the generator, although a breach was identified in the fence, which was blocked immediately," it added.

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