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This Is The Summer of Slip N Slides

Summer is here and it’s looking like this one is going to be a little different than most. Camps are probably closed, I’m still working from home, and after spending what has felt like eons indoors, I’m trying to spend as much time outside in the backyard as possible. While I don’t have a pool, that’s ok. This summer staple is something anyone with a backyard can set up, and should be setting up this summer, whether you have kids, or honestly just for yourself. 

Here’s the throwback you need this summer: a Slip N Slide. This one is 31 feet long and over 5 feet wide, complete with double lanes that are perfect for racing, or just one person at a time because, you know, safety first. If you connect your hose to the slide, which is fairly easy to do with this one, the central channel dividing the lanes will continuously spray water all along the slide to keep it slick. At the end, there is an inflatable crash pad so that no one goes flying off into your fence or garden, but best of all, the entire slide is extremely easy to set up. It comes with stakes so you can ensure it will stay in one spot instead of flailing around with each run down it, and the slide itself is durable, being made out of heavy duty PVC material so it won’t rip or tear easily. When you’re done with it, just leave it to dry in the sun for a few hours and roll it up for easy storage. 

While this slide is great, and I highly recommend it, I need to give you one more pick to go along with it. There is nothing wrong with opting for a big blue tarp and some dish soap. While it might not last as long, and you might end up with a scratch or a scrape from it, that’s kind of part of the summer fun, isn’t it? 

TEAM MAGNUS Slip and Slide XL

16×20 Waterproof Multi-Purpose Poly Tarp

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