‘Tired of All the Winning Yet?’

‘Tired of All the Winning Yet?’

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel addressed the news that President Trump had been impeached in the House of Representatives—for a second time—with a vote of 232-197, over his incitement of a violent, seditious takeover of the U.S. Capitol.

“Unlike the first one, this was a bipartisan impeachment,” said Kimmel during his late-night monologue. “Every Democratic [representative], and a handful of Republicans—10 of them in the House—voted to throw Trump out in protest for his role organizing, mobilizing, and exciting the violent attack on them last week. These people attacked them, they tried to get the vice president, they tried to stop our election, and these jackholes today were like, ‘This is another political attack on our president!’”

Kimmel was of course referring to the many Republicans who failed to vote for impeachment, choosing fealty to a crooked former reality TV host and accused serial rapist over love of country. “Your president gave a big—I mean little—thumbs-up to an army of morons marching down the street, kicking in doors, killing a police officer, and smearing their feces all over your office. And most of these Republicans are like, ‘Well, the office did need some freshening up. Some color on the walls is nice!’” the comedian cracked.

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