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Trevor Noah Accuses COVID-Infected Trump of Launching a ‘Biological Attack on the White House’

Trevor Noah Accuses COVID-Infected Trump of Launching a ‘Biological Attack on the White House’

On Tuesday night, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah took a break from clowning on first lady Melania Trump’s hatred of the White House Christmas to address the more serious news wafting from its walls: President Trump’s made-for-TV return to the White House, even though he is still battling the novel coronavirus (and surely contagious).

Trump made a big show of his premature return from Walter Reed Medical Center—where he’d spent three days recuperating on supplemental oxygen, an experimental cocktail of antibodies, steroids, and various other treatments—standing proudly on the balcony of the White House and ripping off his mask for all to see.

“Goddamn! The dude ripped his mask off the second he got home,” offered Noah. “And I know Trump thinks this is a triumphant moment, but he’s presumably still riddled with COVID and he’s about to walk indoors and expose it to everyone inside? Yo, this wasn’t a photo op—it was a biological attack on the White House!”

Indeed, Trump stood in close proximity to staffers without a mask for his balcony photo op, which was also filmed not one, but twice for a strongman propaganda video.

“I mean, there was a photographer standing right next to him,” explained Noah. “That dude is basically the world’s unluckiest Instagram boyfriend. I honestly can’t believe this. This is Trump putting his own staff at risk. You would think he would be a lot more careful about protecting his own staff. This is coronavirus, not a prison sentence—you can’t just pardon them afterwards.”

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