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Trevor Noah Is Disgusted by the Memeification of Breonna Taylor

Trevor Noah Is Disgusted by the Memeification of Breonna Taylor

It has been 20 weeks since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own home. And the cops who killed her still have not been arrested. 

“If you’re online a lot, you’ve probably seen Breonna Taylor being turned into just another meme,” Trevor Noah said on Thursday night near the top of the 12-minute segment he dedicated to her story. While the people keeping her name “trending” may be “well-intentioned,” the Daily Show host said they were “essentially using her name as a punchline.” 

“Memes are not the best way to honor someone who has passed,” he continued. “It’s the reason Obama didn’t dab at John Lewis’ funeral today.” So instead of using jokes to examine her case, Noah instead decided to take viewers on a journey about her life and unnecessary death. 

After playing an extended montage about what Taylor was really like as a person, Noah said, “It’s actually nice to see the news covering a Black person’s death at the hands of police by using their good pictures and not that one picture that makes us all look like we’ve robbed 50 banks.” He added that “you know Breonna Taylor was a good person, because if she had jay-walked once, the news would have been like, ‘Frequent jay-walker and occasionally EMT Breonna Taylor was sadly killed by the police.” 

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