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Tripping in Retrospect: Indians Mock Modi for Lavish #NamasteTrump Event After US Freezes Work Visas

New Delhi (Sputnik): In February 2020, when the coronavirus had just started to spread outside China, India spent millions of dollars to welcome US President Donald Trump on his maiden visit to the South Asian country. At the time, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi displayed his bonhomie with POTUS in all its glory.

In light of the economic and job crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald Trump has officially suspended the issuing of H-1B visas, which are popular among Indian IT professionals, along with other international work visas, until the end of the year 2020.

The decision, which has put the jobs of thousands of Indians working in the US in jeopardy, has triggered a meme fest on Twitter, targeting both the #NamasteTrump event as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On Tuesday, sarcastic comments wrapped in hilarious memes were pouring from all directions on social networking platforms in India. #NamasteTrump and #H1B are trending hashtags on Twitter.

​By not issuing newer visas for foreigners, President Trump aims to prioritise guaranteeing jobs for pandemic-struck American nationals. The decision is estimated to be able to free 525,000 jobs in the US amid rampant unemployment. Immigration to the US has also been frozen for the time being.

India’s apex industry body NASSCOM criticised President Trump’s decision and labelled the visa suspension “misguided towards the US economy”.

Google’s Indian-born Sundar Pichai also took to Twitter to express his disappointment.

​The decision is likely to expose Indian IT firms to the risk of losing around three percent of their revenue this year. Indian IT and ITeS companies have set up over 1,000 global delivery centres in about 80 countries throughout the world and most of these centres are in the US.

The US grants 85,000 work visas annually, out of which nearly 70 percent are taken by Indians, according to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) data for 2017. At the time, the USCIS noted that out of the 3.4 million H-1B visa (non-immigrant visa) applications filed in the decade to 2017, Indian applications made up around 2.2 million.

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