Biden Will 'Eliminate U.S. Borders in Middle of Global Pandemic'

Trump ‘Doesn’t Understand Duty, Honor, Service, Country’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden declared President Donald Trump “doesn’t understand duty, honor, service, country,” Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead.”

Biden was referencing The Atlantic article claiming President Donald Trump said Americans who died in war were “losers” and “suckers.”

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “One other revelation from the book, Trump appears to have revealed a new classified U.S. weapons system, the existence of it to Woodward. He said, quote, ‘I have built a nuclear weapons system that nobody has ever had in this country before,’ unquote. Woodward sources confirmed the existence of this classified weapons system. What’s your response to that?”

Biden said, “I can’t speak to the system, but it’s not a surprise. You wonder why people in the intelligence committee wondered from the very beginning if they could share data with him because they don’t trust him. They don’t trust what he will say or do. He has no conception —I know I sound — he has no conception of what constitutes national security — no conception other than what can he do to promote himself. This is the guy who said maybe the way to deal with hurricanes is to drop a nuclear bomb on them. He said it.”

Tapper said, “I know.”

Biden continued, “Or the problem with the Revolutionary War was they didn’t have enough airports. I just— it’s beyond my comprehension. But what really bothers me, what really bothers me, you wrote a book about frontline. You wrote a book about Afghanistan. I was in one of those FOBS, forward operating bases. These guys risk their lives in a way you can’t imagine to keep things bad from happening, and he calls them losers? He calls them suckers? My son volunteered to go as the assistant U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia to go into Kosovo. He was there six months. They erected a monument to him, thanking him for his service. I think the only American they did that for. Was he a sucker? Then he volunteered as attorney general of the State of Delaware to go with his unit to Iraq for a year, and he was a sucker? Won the Bronze Star. All the people with him, the people who died, they are suckers? I can’t fathom— I just — you know, they are heroes. They really are heroes, duty, honor, country. He talks about can you repeat four words in a row or whatever his little IQ test or dementia test he took. He doesn’t understand duty, honor, service, country. He doesn’t get it. Or if he gets it, he doesn’t care about it. He should not be— unrelated to my running. He should not be the commander-in-chief of the United States Military. No commander in chief has ever, ever acted like this man. ”

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