Trump Is Going to Get the Highest Number of the Black Vote EVER in Modern Day History! (Video)

The latest post by Emerson College following the RNC found that President Trump has tightened the race.  The poll also found that President Trump is winning 19 percent of the black vote.  If this holds President Trump would win in November in a landslide.

This was not an outlier. President Trump’s approval rating with registered black voters jumped to 24%, a nine point jump in the latest Hill-HarrisX poll.

And a recent Rasmussen poll showed President Trump with as much as 36% of the black vote.

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On Monday night Attorney and former Democrat Leo Terrell promised that President Trump will get the highest number of the black vote, for a Republican, in modern day history.

Leo Terrell was on with Hannity tonight. Terrell, a life-long Democrat, recently switched to vote for President Trump, and is actively recruiting other Democrats to do the same.

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