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During one of three rallies in Pennsylvania Monday, President Trump celebrated the one year anniversary of the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, which effectively ended the genocidal terrorist group.

Trump told the crowd that he has presided over taking out the world’s top terrorists.

“Exactly one year ago today, we killed the leader of ISIS, al-Baghdadi. And we took out the world’s number one terrorist, Soleimani is dead. And we took 100 percent of the ISIS caliphate, you know that, 100 percent,” Trump boomed.


“Instead of never-ending wars, we are forging peace in the Middle East,” Trump added.

“No blood in the sand, much less expensive,” he proclaimed, adding “They’re tired of fighting all the time. They’re tired. We’re bringing our soldiers back from Afghanistan, all coming back.”

Breitbart News notes that Trump has achieved this while drawing DOWN US troops’ presence in land wars in the Middle East, where for years his predecessors mired the US in endless wars.

“In Afghanistan, Trump is slated to bring home approximately 4,000 U.S. troops from America’s longest war. When he first entered office in January 2017, there were approximately 8,600 forces there. That number will be 4,500 by the end of November,” the report notes.

It further points out that “Trump wants to bring down forces in Afghanistan even further, to 2,500 by early next year, and pull out all forces by the middle of 2021.”

The President has also ordered the number of troops in Iraq reduced to 3,000, down from 5,200 when he took office.

It’s the same story in Syria, where Trump has reduced troop numbers from around 2,000 to 500.

Trump has also overseen one of the century’s most expansive peace deals, by rejecting ‘conventional’ wisdom. Only this President could have done that.

The deal is still continuing to evolve and expand.

“Our Agenda is One of Optimism, Prosperity, and True American Pride!” Trump told the crowd Monday:

Trump is the anti-war President.

Biden is a diehard globalist.

Joe Biden is touting the campaign slogan Build Back Better. The slogan demonstrates Joe Biden’s servant mentality when it comes to his NWO overlords at the United Nations. Build Back Better originated in 2015 at a UN Conference in Japan that pushed the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030. Ultimately, Biden is a lackey to the IMF’s push for a new Breton Woods agreement. A global financial reset phasing in a digital currency system tied to a digital ID system.

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