Trump Says We’ll Have to Redo Election Due to Mail-in Ballots – NewsWars

President Trump said the coming election will have to be “done again” if universal mail-in voting is introduced.

“Universal [mail-in voting] is going to be a disaster the likes of which our country has never seen,” said Trump Tuesday.

“It’ll end up being a rigged election or they will never come out with an outcome,” Trump concluded. “They’ll have to do it again, and nobody wants that.”

“And I don’t want that.”

Trump delivered his comments during his announcement of the posthumous presidential pardon of Susan B. Anthony.

He stressed that having a fair election was not a political issue.

“The Democrats want to make it a political issue. It’s not a political issue, it’s really about a correct vote. You have to get voting right,” he said. “You can’t have millions and millions of ballots sent all over the place, sent to people that are dead, sent to dogs, cats. Sent to everyone. This is a serious situation, this isn’t games, and you have to get it right.”

“I just want to get it right. Win, lose, or draw — I think I’m going to win — win, lose, or draw, we have to get it right,” Trump insisted. “We have to have honest voting.”

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