Trump World Prays That He Can Shut Up for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Week

Trump World Prays That He Can Shut Up for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Week

Beset by controversy and lagging in the polls, President Donald Trump this week was handed what his allies described as a gift: an opportunity to recede from the national spotlight while his party scored a win that would rearrange the tectonic plates of government.

Trump promptly squandered the opportunity.

For weeks, operatives from both political parties have picked up on a defining phenomenon of the presidential race: The more that President Trump has been the center of conversation the worse it has been for him. The pattern held true through the summer and into the fall, and it has contributed to the president’s deficit to former Vice President Joe Biden in the election’s closing weeks.

All of which had sparked a bit of hope among some of the president’s allies, who believed that the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett would give them the type of reprieve they needed: the rare case of someone other than Trump becoming the focus of national attention; and, with it, a conversation on something other than the rising coronavirus death toll, a flagging U.S. economy, and continued racial unrest in American cities.

“A1 all week is gonna be the Supreme Court,” a source close to the Trump campaign predicted on Monday morning. “Someone else being the main story in the news, particularly someone who reminds soft Republicans and independents what they do like about Trump’s policies, is a good thing for him, particularly right now.”

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