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Try the Blue Skyys Smash By Mark Murphy Bartenders At Home

Try the Blue Skyys Smash By Mark Murphy Bartenders At Home

Thank you SKYY® for partnering with Half Full on the Bartenders At Home cocktail video series.

What inspired you to create this cocktail? “Necessity is the mother of invention. I started by looking through my cabinets and refrigerator. I wanted to make something tasty and unique, but also something that is easily adaptable. Change the fruit, change the tea, change the herb and so on.”

When would you serve this drink? “On a sunny day or on a day when you wish it was sunny. Or when you’re sitting on your fire escape, with your eyes closed, imagining you’re in a rocking chair, on a wrap around porch, enjoying the breeze, at the country home you absolutely do not have.”

What food would you pair it with? “Cheese and crackers with mustard.”

Name the person (dead or alive) you’d like to make this cocktail for. “I think my Momma would really like this one. An extended Murphy family post-covid gathering with plenty of cheese, crackers, and cry/laughing toasts to my late, vodka loving Aunt Ann, sounds pretty freakin’ awesome!”

By Mark Murphy


  • 2 parts SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange (Order on Drizly)
  • .75 part Tea Syrup*
  • .75 part Lemon juice
  • 10 Frozen blueberries
  • Fresh oregano sprig
  • Club soda
  • Glass: Tumbler
  • Garnish: Oregano sprig


Lightly muddle the blueberries and the bottom half of a long oregano sprig in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients, except the club soda, and fill with ice. Shake, and pour unstrained into a tumbler and top with a splash of club soda. Garnish with a sprig of oregano.

Add 4 black tea bags to 8 ounces of boiling water. Steep for at least 10 minutes and be sure to squeeze the tea bags to retain as much liquid as possible. Combine the tea with an equal amount of superfine sugar and stir until dissolved.

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Interview has been condensed and edited.

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