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Tucker Carlson Loses His Mind Over Michelle Obama’s Speech

Tucker Carlson Loses His Mind Over Michelle Obama’s Speech

A night after a panel full of Fox News hosts gushed over Michelle Obama’s powerful DNC indictment of President Donald Trump, Fox News host Tucker Carlson went the complete opposite direction, attempting to strike fear into his viewers by portraying the ex-first lady as a radical who wants Black people to have “dominion over you.”

After fuming that Obama could “teach a master’s class” in browbeating voters into “accepting their program,” Carlson painted her as an out-of-touch elitist who uses her race to wield power over white people.

“Michelle Obama, it’s fair to say, has done pretty well for herself,” he seethed. “But what she wanted you to know last night was that she is still a victim, she and everyone who looks like her, so shut up and accept her dominion over you.”

Snarking that “criticizing Michelle Obama” may be unlawful, Carlson—who has repeatedly fear-mongered over Black Lives Matter for months now—went on to accuse her of deliberately lying when she lamented the “never-ending list of innocent people of color” murdered by police.

“So what Michelle Obama just told you is a total lie, a calculated lie, a lie designed to make America more fearful, more angry, more divided, and thereby help her candidate win,” the conservative host exclaimed. “That’s what Michelle Obama just did.”

“But pretty much no one pointed it out last night,” he added. “They were too afraid to because as Michelle Obama made very clear if you disagree with what she says, you are a bigot.”

Carlson went on to play a clip of Obama saying many won’t want to hear her message because she’s a Black woman, leading Carlson to once again bring up her current financial status to characterize her as extremely privileged.

“Why won’t they hear her message? Well, because they’re bad people, that’s why,” he grumbled. “Half the country is evil. They hate me for my race, says the woman whose husband was elected by that very same country twice in a row, hence allowing her to buy an $11,000,000 spread on Martha’s Vineyard, from which she lectures the plebes.”

Carlson finished his anti-Obama screed by chastising the media for heaping praise on the ex-first lady’s speech, despite the fact that much of that praise came from his own Fox News colleagues.

“They are fervent religious fanatics. Michelle Obama is there L. Ron Hubbard,” he complained. “Everything she does is good by definition. She is the most beautiful, smartest, wisest. If Michelle Obama played golf she would shoot an 18 every time.”

“In the words of Van Jones, her speech last night was extraordinary. Even though as you know if you saw it, it was exactly the opposite,” Carlson added. “The speech was ordinary. It was totally pedestrian like almost everything Michelle Obama says. You can’t admit that. You have to pretend she is Aristotle. That’s the law.”

Immediately after the speech, however, Fox News host and frequent Carlson guest Dana Perino said Obama “stuck the landing,” while anchor Chris Wallace called it “very effective” and said “she really flayed, sliced and diced” Trump.

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