Tucker Carlson Praises ‘Brave’ Couple Who Painted Over Black Lives Matter Mural

Tucker Carlson Praises ‘Brave’ Couple Who Painted Over Black Lives Matter Mural

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday night hosted the white California couple who are facing hate crime charges for painting over a Black Lives Matter street mural, praising them for their bravery while insisting they merely covered over “graffiti” that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Last weekend, David Nelson and Nicole Anderson spread black paint over a yellow BLM mural displayed on the street in front of the Martinez, California, courthouse. After video of an angry Anderson painting over the sign—which was approved by the city authorities—went viral, police announced the pair had been charged with three misdemeanor counts, including a hate crime, for their actions.

Carlson, who has repeatedly described the Black Lives Matter movement as a “terror organization” and a “pandemic,” immediately lauded the couple, saying they destroyed “nothing” yet have been charged with a hate crime.

Nelson noted that while he has “no problem with Black people” he doesn’t agree with the BLM movement because “they have a hidden agenda.” He went on to say he wished he handled his interaction with the person who filmed them “more diplomatically” but that they were “angry” because they “are sick of the narrative.”

The Fox News host wondered aloud what they thought about a statue that was ripped down in San Francisco, which he attributed to “BLM activists,” and spray painted with “Kill Whitey.”

“Why do you think you were charged with a hate crime?” Carlson added.

Nelson said the charge was due to “cancel culture” and called on more Americans to “get together and band together and take to the streets,” adding that they need to do it soon “because we are starting to lose ground here.”

Asked whether they were worried about losing their jobs over the situation, Anderson said she works for herself while Nelson said he was somewhat concerned about his employment, admitting he was on a “leave type of thing” at the moment.

“Man, you’ve got a lot of brass,” a clearly impressed Carlson replied. “This was a brave thing to do. Are you paying a lawyer to defend you? I just want to say, you’ve been charged with a hate crime for painting over graffiti that wasn’t supposed to be there.”

Nelson complained of a “double standard,” claiming it’s OK for Black Lives Matter “to go around and burn down the country, terrorize America, actually kill people.” 

“They’ve done more harm than they’ve done good, Tucker,” Nelson continued. “When we stand up and give them a little iota, taste of their own medicine, this is the extreme measures that are being taken and we can’t let it happen. We need to stand up, we need to get together, all Americans in every city and take to the streets.”

Carlson nodded along, concluding the interview by saying he hopes conservatives rally to their defense because their situation “is outrageous.”

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