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Tunisia inaugurates first Zakat Fund since independence – Middle East Monitor

Tunisian authorities yesterday inaugurated the country’s first Zakat Fund since independence in 1956.

The fund was launched in El Kram city, Tunis, by planting an olive tree in its headquarters, to stand for the continuity of its work.

In press statements, Mayor of El Kram, Fathi Al-Ayouni, said the fund has many advantages as “it provides a new Islamic order which has been obliterated for years in the state and its institutions.”

Al-Ayouni stated that he wanted the people “to restore their dignity through the Zakat system.”

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According to the organisers, the fund’s inauguration date coincided with the Night of Power (Laylat Al-Qadr) that is marked on the 27 of Ramadan.

The municipality established an open account for citizens and institutions to deposit funds. It also set up administrative, legal and supervisory bodies to supervise the fund.

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