Tyson Fury's brother Tommy mocked by boxing fans as foe who had NEVER WON gets oxygen after KO (VIDEO) — RT Sport News

Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy mocked by boxing fans as foe who had NEVER WON gets oxygen after KO (VIDEO) — RT Sport News

Tyson Fury’s prospect boxer brother, Tommy, has endured an avalanche of mockery after wiping out an opponent who had lost every one of his bouts in a dismal 11-fight career, leading some fans to offer to become Fury’s next foe.

Up-and-coming Fury had attracted cynicism even before stepping in the ring against Lithuanian-born, Liverpool-based slugger Genadij Krajevskij, who is known as the “Baltic Bomber” and lost eight times last year.

The 21-year-old duly knocked out an opponent labeled by many as a “tin can” in the second round, landing an uppercut against the almost static target of Krajevskij’s chin in his first appearance in almost a year.

Battered Krajevskij had only previously been knocked out three times but there was little to derive from the performance of Fury, a man best known for his celebrity status in the UK after starring in hit reality TV show Love Island.

Krajevskij was left prone on the canvas, eventually returning to his feet after receiving oxygen from medics.

“Lads, I’m all for padding a record to create some hype and get more money out of him,” said one fan, while others called Fury a “tin can crusher”, claimed that Tyson Fury’s 56-year-old fighting father, John, would have beaten Krajevskij and joked that the loser would be due a mandatory shot at a WBO title.

“But you’ve got him fighting pillows. Get him in with someone who punches back. The combined stats for his four opponents are won 12, lost 186. Embarrassing.”

“Huge future? I highly f*cking doubt it,” another wrote more succinctly, while a would-be challenger told promoter Frank Warren: “I won the 1998 Welsh Schoolboy title at 54kg.

“I believe that could make me a worthy opponent for Tommy Fury. I would gladly take the fight for 5k.”

Mancunian Fury – perhaps the only boxer to have gained more than three million followers on Instagram after a handful of fights – called his performance “flat” and praised Krajevskij’s bravery.

“I spoke to him after the fight,” he told iFL. “He’s a good, brave man. Boxing is one thing but health and safety is the main thing.

“I’m just happy that he got up with no problems and he can go back to his family and enjoy his Christmas.”

A concerned viewer was less convinced. “This is just wrong,” they scorned. “Imagine if Fury had given him permanent damage.

“Putting in a so-called prospect against a town hall fighter. What did anyone learn tonight?

“Shame on BT Sport – you could have killed a man with that sort of mismatch. He was against a man who has never won.”

WBC heavyweight champion Fury called the combination finish the “best KO of 2020” and a “highlight knockout”, while Warren said: “You can’t be the son of John Fury and the brother of Tyson Fury and not be able to fight.”

Fury said: “Everybody was made up with the performance. Frank has been in this job for 40 years, he knows what it’s about and he said, ‘experience’.

[John Fury] was very happy with the performance. People tune in to see knockouts and you don’t get a better knockout than that.

“I’ve got bombs in each hand. I’d love to box in a few weeks. All I want to do is get straight back in there and fight again.”

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