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UAE’s Chunmoo rocket launcher acquisition confirmed

UAE’s Chunmoo rocket launcher acquisition confirmed

UAE’s acquisition of the Chunmoo multiple launch rocket system was confirmed when the local news agency released a photograph showing tests of received artillery systems from the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

An industry source said the UAE has received at least one batch of eight of the Chunmoo multiple launch rocket system, which can fire three types of ammunition: 130mm nonguided rockets; 227mm nonguided rockets; and 239mm guided rockets.

Approximately three years earlier, South Korean media have reported that an unnamed Middle Eastern country reportedly purchased an undisclosed number of the K239 Chunmoo system in 2017 from Hanwha Defense.


The K239 Chunmoo, also known as K-MLRS, is a modern rocket launcher developed by South Korea’s Hanwha corporation.

According to armyrecognition.com,  the Chunmoo can fire 130mm, 227mm and 239mm rockets. Rockets can be fitted with HE-FRAG (High-Explosive Fragmentation), incendiary, smoke, illumination, cargo warheads with anti-tank or pre-fragmented anti-personnel sub-munitions.

The types of rockets can be mixed (for example 1 container of 20x 130mm and 1 container of 6x 239mm). The 130mm rockets have a range of 36 Km while the larger 230mm-class rockets have a range of about 80 Km for the non guided one and 160 Km for the guided variant. The Chunmoo 239mm rocket is a guided artillery rocket which enhances its precision by adding up guidance and control system.

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