UFC's Tyron Woodley Mocks Colby Covington with Fake MAGA Hat Before Losing

UFC’s Tyron Woodley Mocks Colby Covington with Fake MAGA Hat Before Losing

Tyron Woodley desperately tried to mock UFC fighter Colby Covington by wearing a fake MAGA hat and constantly injecting “Black Lives Matter” into his pre-fight interview, but Covington got the last laugh.

During the interview, Woodley wore a red hat emulating President Donald Trump’s famed “Make America Great Again” campaign hat. Instead of the MAGA slogan, though, Woodley’s hat oddly read, “Make Racists Catch the Fade Again.”

Then, as the press asked him questions during the availability, Woodley dumped the phrase “Black Lives Matter” into every answer whether it made sense or not.

Later, during the on-camera face off, Woodley wore a t-shirt reading “Legalize Being Black,” and a headband reading, “Black Lives Matter.”

It was clearly Woodley’s lame attempt to get into Colby Covington’s brain ahead of the bout.

It did not work.

Covington, who is a proud Donald Trump fan and often wears proper MAGA gear, trounced Woodley, dominating him for more than four rounds before Woodley suffered an apparent rib injury.

For his part, Covington ignored Woodley’s antics until after the fight. And then he slammed his losing opponent, and the “terrorists” in the Black Lives Matter movement.

The president even blew in a phone call to Covington as he celebrated his victory over Woodley.

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