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UN blames Israel 'coercive measures' for Palestinian displacements

JERUSALEM - AUGUST 03: Israeli forces intervene in those who were reacting to the demolish the Palestinian Abu Sine family's home claiming that it was unlicensed in Silvan Village of East Jerusalem on August 03, 2022. There was tension between the Palestinians gathered in the area to prevent the destruction and the Israeli police. ( Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency )

The UN, on Wednesday, accused Israel of causing the displacement of Palestinians living in a Bedouin community in the occupied West Bank, Anadolu News Agency reports. In a report, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said around 100 Palestinians were forced to leave the Ras At-Teen Bedouin community near Ramallah city last month. The report cited unbearable living conditions as a result of Israel's "coercive measures", settler violence and demolitions of their shelters as reasons that forced Palestinian residents to leave their community. The UN report called on the Israeli authorities to halt the policy of home demolition and land confiscation, hold settlers accountable for their violence against Palestinian residents and to prevent Israeli forces from […]

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