Uniqlo Debuts AIRism Face Masks

Uniqlo Debuts AIRism Face Masks

Lots of our favorite brands are creating face masks these days. From Purple to Everlane, finding a face mask from a brand you already love is pretty dang easy. Now, Uniqlo is jumping onto the bandwagon with the release of new face masks which are made from the brand’s popular, lightweight AIRism material. As someone who owns multiple pieces from the AIRism collection, this move is a no-brainer. AIRism is a staple in summer dressing, keeping me cool and dry. 

The triple-layer structure is made from two layers of breathable AIRism fabric plus a filter sandwiched between. The mask also features a UPF 40 rating, and comes in a 3-pack and three size options (S, M, L). The AIRism fabric is antimicrobial, self-deodorizing, heat-releasing, and sweat-absorbing. It’s machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about any special instructions to keep it clean. The filter inside the mask will last up to 20 washes, so the pack of three will last you a good while. Right now, it comes in white and black, with a light gray launching in September.

AIRism Face Mask (Pack of 3)

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