Uniqlo Jumpsuit for Working from Home

Uniqlo Jumpsuit for Working from Home

It’s been four months since I’ve stepped foot in an office. That means four months of sweatpants, leggings, and (of course) jumpsuits. Why jumpsuits? Because in the morning, there’s nothing better than putting on one piece of clothing and being in an outfit. These days, my jumpsuits are more for all-day comfort than style, which is why I’ve been wearing this one from Uniqlo non-stop.

It’s taken me some time, but I’ve amassed a healthy collection of jumpsuits. Most of them are office-appropriate but my Uniqlo one is my at-home-only option. It’s made from a breathable linen blend, has billowing, wide legs, and it even has pockets for snacks or my phone (priorities). What makes this jumpsuit so special to me is that it’s fashionable but easy to wear. There are no zippers or buttons or clasps. There aren’t any extra pieces or long ties to get in the way when you sprawl out of the couch. It feels like I’m wearing nothing, since 50% of the garment doesn’t even touch my body. 

When I get out of the shower, I opt to throw this on instead of a robe, so I can lounge freely and comfortably. And, because it has a unique shape and fit, I can easily wear it with a T-shirt underneath if I have to run to the store or take the dog out. I can even wear it in Zoom meetings with a sweater to combat the pumping AC in my living room. 

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