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There is a huge and well-funded conspiracy theory disinfo operation that encompasses Chemtrails, vaccines, 5G and now COVID-19. The authors of these theories are all Zionist stooges, mostly working for well-funded think tanks that function as disinfo outlets.

One of the main goals behind this bunch of lies is to identify what are today called ‘influencers’ so they can be used to spread these lies to a wider audience. Identify those with large social media followings who are both gullible and stupid enough to believe these lies, then feed them more lies and sit back as they do the hard work of promoting and spreading them for you as unpaid ‘useful idiots’.

One of the more prominent spreaders of these lunatic theories is David Icke, a man who relies on the laziness and stupidity of his audience – too lazy to do their own fact checking, too stupid to recognise obvious lies.

Icke has been pushing the Chemtrails lie hard for years, adding in his own layers of extra BS about nanotechnology and other lunatic wierdness. In 2020, Icke has been at the forefront of two big lies, firstly that the COVID-19 virus doesn’t exist and secondly, that 5G causes the illness the authorities claim are due to COVID-19.

Well, he’s still at it, still beating the disinfo drums:

The Coronavirus, Chemtrails and 5G Connection?

This latest pack of lies is as laughable as all his previous attempts to demonise 5G and paint the pandemic as a hoax, the ‘doctors’ cited are nothing of the sort, they are fraudsters posing as doctors, scumbags who prey on sick, dying people for profit.

I have already exposed Robert O Young as a fraudster posing as a doctor:

Icke Cites Fake Doctor To Promote Coronavirus Is a Hoax Fraud

Icke didn’t write this article himself, he merely reposted it from a site called the Activist Post, a mysterious operation that has no ‘About Us’ page on it’s site, does not disclose who it’s editor or ownership are and claims to be funded by donations and advertising. Their listed headquarters is a P.O. Box in South Carolina and according to they have 59 employees and a revenue of 11 million USD annually.

Just a quick look at it’s list of featured authors reads like a who’s who of Zionist-funded disinfo scumbags – Tony Cartalucci, Whitney Webb, Eric Zuesse, James Corbett, Jon Rappoport, Patrick Henningsen, Paul Craig Roberts….

This article also cites another fraudster quack by the name of Andrew Kaufman, an MD from Syracuse, NY who has become somewhat notorious after appearing in several youtube videos such as this one where he is interviewed by scammer Brian Rose, who has also promoted Icke and judging by the sheer volume of paid Youtube ads for his ‘London Real’ scam, is very well funded.

In the video, Kaufman talks about how a future COVID-19 vaccine would provide a vessel to “inject genes” into humans, first by a procedure known as “electroporation”, in which an electric current “create[s] little holes in our cells that allow the DNA to go into our own cells” and then through the insertion of “foreign proteins that supposedly generate immunity”. Kaufman concludes that the vaccine, like the results of biotechnology in agriculture, will make humans “genetically modified organisms”.

Clearly this man is a fraud, although he does have a medical practice and he claims to have studied at Duke, M.I.T, and the Medical University of South Carolina, he also claims to be a “natural healing consultant”.

Here are Kaufman’s details from

Forensic Psychiatry •  Male • Age 49 

Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD is a Forensic Psychiatry Specialist in Syracuse, NY and has over 16 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Medical University Of South Carolina medical school in 2004. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kaufman to book an appointment.

His online ratings are pretty bad:

There is precious little information to be found on Kaufman, his website is glossy but uninformative, others have tried to delve into his background too, such as this Quora user:

I have spent some time trying to figure out who Dr. Andrew Kaufman is. According to London Real tv, who have posted Kaufman’s one YouTube video, say he studied at Duke, MIT and Medical University of South Caroline. Matching those qualifications to Dr. Andrew Kaufman and a forensic psychiatrist from New York is the result. I also found a disciplinary action from the state of Ohio in 2012 for Dr. Andrew Kaufman who studied at University of South Carolina and Duke. Here is the action of the Ohio Disciplinary Board: Andrew Russell Kaufman, M.D. Dr. Kaufman participated in a research project that offered participants a $25 gift code to Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

as an incentive. After the study concluded Dr. Kaufman used nearly all the remaining gift codes, which had been purchased with unrestricted grant money from a pharmaceutical company, to purchase personal items. Dr. Kaufman later took steps to cancel the order and return the merchandise. However, as a result of his actions, Dr. Kaufman was suspended from the residency program and notified that his status would be listed as nonprogram completion, which caused his resident training license to become inactive. Duke University and Dr. Kaufman have since executed an agreement providing for a six-month remediation program beginning on January 1, 2009 that will enable Dr. Kaufman to complete his residency program.

Before the North Carolina Medical Board In re: Andrew Russell Kaufman, M.D. Consent Order. 2008-11-26:

I have no idea what expertise this guy would possibly have about the coronavirus. His specialty is psychiatry of the criminal mind. His one video is repeated by conspiracy theorists, but I could not find anything of relevant research. He has a YouTube video. Conspiracy theorists like it. Not the type of source I would deem reliable.

It is indeed a valid question to wonder what expertise a psychiatrist has in microbiology, especially as it is clear that he has none, as evidenced by his nonsensical statements in the video. As an actual microbiologist pointed out on another Quora thread about Kaufman:

Firstly, Koch’s postulates are only applicable for bacteria as viruses can’t be grown in pure culture by traditional methods. Most viruses grow in a particular living host and not a defined mixture of nutrients, which culture media usually is.

Secondly, if not RT-PCR tests, what are our other viable options for detecting a novel viral disease?

His claims to need to be backed up by relevant alternatives and evidences.

So, Kaufman’s about COVID-19 and viruses in general are a load of unscientific rubbish, not surprising, as the only remotely relevant qualification I could find is the claim on his website that he holds a BS in Biology from M.I.T.

He also opposes vaccinations, the lockdown, wearing masks, and the contract-tracing apps used to try to control the spread of the virus. However, he can’t even get his facts right about something so simple as how mobile phones work, as the BBC pointed out:

Dr Kaufman suggests the signal for the “tracking software” is clearer if people are separated from each other. But this isn’t how the apps will work because they use your device’s unique digital signature irrespective of how close it is to another phone.

It appears that Kaufman has been fired from his job at Suny Upstate Medical University Hospital due to his insane views on COVID-19, I suspect he has been well paid to spread his lies and falsehoods.



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