UPDATE: Diners in St. Petersburg Spit on and Harassed by BLM Goons Dressed In Jewish Ceremonial Garb

Last night we reported on the BLM mob in St. Petersburg, Florida harassing diners.  The BLM animals may have targeted diners suspected of being Jewish in apparent hate crimes.

We reported last night on the BLM mob in St. Petersburg who pulled up chairs and started threatening an elderly white couple at a restaurant.  

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After a further review by Yaacov Apelbaum the BLM mob may have been targeting Jewish diners.   He provides the following composite.  

In the two images below, the diners are targeted by the BLM mob.  One individual with sits down at the elderly couple’s table and will not leave.  The individual (Person of Interes – POI-1) is carrying a skateboard which we now know is standard Antifa weaponry.  The BLM mob member is asked to leave and he refuses.

In the next image (image 3), while the lady diner is calling the police, other BLM mob members surround the table, including POI-2 – the man with the red hairpiece.  In image 4, we see POI-1 jumping on a car – this occurred before the BLM mob started harassing diners.  These same individuals have been assuaging drivers for the past 5 months.

In images 5 and 6, POI-1 lowers his mask and spits on the woman diner.  This is while POI-2 is in the background dressed in a ceremonial Jewish prayer shawl and blowing a ‘Shofar’ – a ceremonial Jewish horn.  At this point it becomes more clear that the BLM mob may have targeted the couple for being Jewish and then provoked them by wearing the Jewish shawl and blowing the ceremonial horn.  Of course, spitting on them also was provoking.

POI-2, the man blowing the horn wearing the shawl has been a member of the BLM mob in St. Petersburg attacking drivers and assaulting diners for months.

BLM doesn’t care about blacks.  They appear to be more of a Marxist hate group than a group that cares about America.

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