US Air Force F-16 Jet Crash in New Mexico Leaves Pilot Injured

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The incident at Holloman Air Force Base marks the fifth jet crash since May, and the second time the F-16 crashes in the past two weeks, according to Fox News.

US Air Force F-16C Viper, assigned to the 49th Wing, crashed when conducting a landing at Holloman Air Force Base on Monday, according to the statement made by the base officials. The incident took place at around 6 p.m. local time.

Air Force said that the pilot ejected successfully and is currently being treated for minor injuries. Emergency services were confirmed to be operating on scene.

The investigation of the incident is ongoing.

​According to Fox News, the incident marks the fifth jet crash since May, also making it the second one involving F-16 plane.

Earlier in June, a pilot of F-16 was killed after the plane crashed during its “routine training mission” in South Carolina.

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