US Espionage Suspect Paul Whelan Making Hats, Coats at Russian Labour Camp, Brother Says

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US citizen Paul Whelan has been assigned to make hats and coats at a labour camp he was recently transferred to in Russia, his brother David Whelan said on Wednesday.

“Paul indicated that the other prisoners are mostly non-Russians and non-English speakers. His work at the camp will consist of making hats and coats,” David Whelan said in a statement.

David Whelan said his brother had a 15-minute phone call with staff from the Canadian Embassy on Tuesday and mentioned that he felt healthy.

Whelan, who is also a citizen of the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland, was arrested in Russia in December 2018 on charges of espionage. A Moscow court sentenced him to 16 years on 15 June. Whelan denies being involved in espionage and insists he was in Russia to attend a friend’s wedding.

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