US movements to Libya – ItaMilRadar

This morning US Africa Command officials have landed in Zuwarah, west of Tripoli, to meet Libyan PM Serraj.

The US delegation was transported by an USAF Lockheed Martin C-130J (07-4635) departed from Trapani Birgi AB at 07:43 CEST and another USAF Lockheed Martin C-130J (08-8602) departed from NAS Sigonella at 07:22 CEST.

During the visit of the US delegation a couple of USMC Lockheed Martin KC-130J () departed from NAS Sigonella, made an aerial refuelling mission off western Libya.

We don’t know with what aircraft they made the mission but maybe they were flying with USMC Boeing MV-22 “Osprey” for a possible CSAR mission?

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