US Navy "Shock Trials" Sparked M3.9 Quake Off Florida Coast

US Navy “Shock Trials” Sparked M3.9 Quake Off Florida Coast

A reported 3.9 magnitude earthquake off the Florida’s east coast Friday was actually an “experimental explosion,” the U.S. Navy confirmed. reports that a spokesperson with the Navy said that what was measured were a result of military “shock trials” and they are not unusual, nor is it unusual for them to register as earthquakes.


The United States Geological Survey measured the seismic event roughly 100 miles off the coast of Ponce Inlet.

Shock trials test the strength of a ship’s hull to see how it holds up in an undersea explosion (ensuring it can perform in battle).

This is not the first time such “trials” have been undertaken off the Florida.

In July 2016, a reported 3.7-magnitutde earthquake was actually an ‘experimental explosion’ caused by the U.S. Navy, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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