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A New World Order/Deep State / Cabal / Kazarian Mafia Crash Course Series, a BraveHeart series

An Israeli soldier detains a Palestinian boy during a protest against Jewish settlements in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah August 28, 2015. REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman – RTX1Q2I3

Police personnel and departments across the country appear to have lost their minds and moral compass as public pushback is now occurring in the face of the Coronavirus PSYOPS.  They’ve drunken from Israel’s bloodthirsty cup of power, domination, and control over the Palestinians.  The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) troops know that its an addictive adrenaline rush to be on the hunt for, capture, and then beat a defenseless people.  Even better, to listen to parents plea for compassion and reason as their children are plucked from their homes in the early morning hours and/or kidnapped into vans in broad daylight. If the Palestinians fight back, as was the recent case of the young 16 yr old, Ahed Tamimi, then they go to jail.  If the parents fight back they go to jail or their homes are demolished.  If children throw stones at tanks or IDF brutes armed with automatic weapons, then they go to jail.  Yes, our US police force gets to see and participate in this cruel theater of dehumanizing horror and then bring this psychopathic mentality back home to roost.   

Back at home, the low self-esteem of our muscle-bound, zombified and bullified US police force, those who gleefully prey for confrontations without reason now hunt the streets to satisfy their depraved addiction for violence.  For them, it’s like the high a mentally challenged person gets when they watch the endless cruelty of cage fighting and/or the real-life police lynch mob mentality of capture, detain and “let me have a piece of him too.”

US Police practices of monstrous crowd control and civilian interactions are learned in live theater in Palestine.  Yes, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is more than happy to teach our good officers their most sadistic, violent, and dehumanizing techniques.  Now returning back to our country, the US officers thirst for that lingering untamed bravado to hit and hurt another human-being often leaves police with a hair-trigger itch for a fight.  Their Gestapo mentality of “I’m talking, you shut up and listen”  leaves little room for a conversation, debate, or rational dialog with a civilian who is confronted.  The IDF has trained our US officers to see EVERYONE AS A THREAT and knows that in their back pocket of civil diplomacy… Arrest and violence is the constant trump card that an officer can play at any time they want, especially if they’ve had a bad day.     

Unfortunately, Police, who our public had once trusted to SERVE AND PROTECT, have forgotten this most basic oath.    In the bigger picture, this is Israel’s perfect strategy…turn US police against their own citizens. Find out how this occurred.

Recently, I’ve just watched the use of a new and heinous full-body handcuff contraption that has been deployed against US citizens in New York City (NYC).   In the video, numerous NYC police officers forcefully subdue a man on the ground, a man who appears to be presenting little or no resistance.  During this process, the officers began to hog-tie/strap up the man’s arms, upper body, and legs and then place him in, what I can only describe as, a body-coffin-bag with handles.  Once they have the manfully enclosed and zipped up in the body bag the officers carry him off, hopefully, I assume, to the police station.

So, I don’t know if you’re like me or not but I’m absolutely sick at the stomach and done with watching my fellow US citizens being absolutely brutalized by unconscionable US police personnel who, for no apparent reason, turn a common-sense public interaction into a full blow cage fighting altercation, tasering target exercise and/or shooting incident that leaves one of our citizens either severely injured and/or dead.  This unprecedented trend is just happening far too much and far too regularly.  As it turns out and you read further, you can thank Israel for this training. Read to the end to learn about my proposed solution.

Looking back and for many of us old enough to remember better times there was a popular TV program in the 1960s called “The Andy Griffith Show.” The show revolved around a small and fictitious city in North Carolina called ‘Mayberry’ where the central character, Andy Griffith, served as local sheriff of the city and lived there with his family. It was a slice of the American Dream and communicated good core values of being a responsible person and caring for one another.

Andy, the high authority of the city, served as a sagely man who helped to untangle the slightly dramatic situations of the people of Mayberry with a down-to-earth kindness and homespun wisdom. His plainclothes police uniform displayed only a badge and was never accompanied by any visible sidearm weapon. The show taught the viewing TV audience solid moral values and ways to live as good neighbors towards one another. Andy’s stature as a man and police officer held a standard, at least for me, for how I expected police officers to truly personify the axiom of “To Serve and Protect” with kindness, wisdom, and strength.

This was an important and innocent time for me. My parents modeled for myself, and two sisters, whether they were aware of it or not, a “Leave It To Beaver” type lifestyle of wholesome living and conscious parenting. This loving stewardship gifted my sisters and myself with a ‘worry-free world’ that opened us to explore the boundaries of our creative imaginations.

I/we lived in a bubble of protection that shielded us from the real goings-on of the adult world. News delivered through the mass media held about as much interest as getting clothes, rather than toys, for Christmas gifts.

During these same times of the ’60s and in the real world, a most turbulent battle for human rights and a world free of war raged on. I remained unaware, like most Baby-Boomers of my age, of the African American Civil Rights movement, the Assassinations of the great US leaders Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, the Kent State University shooting of student war protestors and the Vietnam War.

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