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VIP Protection: Israeli Jeweller Works on $1.5 Mln Gold, Diamond-Encrusted Face Mask


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According to a designer, this will be an 18-karat white gold mask decorated with 3,600 diamonds and fitted with top-rated N99 filters.

An Israeli jewellery company has been working on what it says will be the world’s most expensive coronavirus mask, Haaretz reported.

The mask will be made of gold and will have more than 3,500 white and black diamonds encrusted in it. Its price is estimated at $1.5 million. The weight of such a luxurious face covering will be 270 grams, which is about 100 times that of an ordinary surgical mask.

​Designer Isaac Levy, who owns the Yevel company, told Haaretz that the buyer was a Chinese businessman who lives in the US.

Although such an expensive face mask may be viewed as too extravagant when millions around the world are jobless and countries are coping with economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the order has given jobs to Levy’s employees.

“I am happy that this mask gave us enough work for our employees to be able to provide their jobs in very challenging times like these times right now,” he said, as quoted by Haaretz. 

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