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WATCH crowd smash ATMs amid looting & intense street clashes in Minneapolis (VIDEO) — RT USA News

WATCH crowd smash ATMs amid looting & intense street clashes in Minneapolis (VIDEO) — RT USA News

As chaos erupted on the streets of Minneapolis following an anti-police brutality demonstration, looters have tried to break into outdoor teller machines at a bank near the protest area, captured in footage shared online.

The attempted robbery was seen in a brief video clip posted to social media early on Thursday morning, showing a crowd of looters gathered outside a US Bank as they attempt to smash open ATMs. It is unclear whether any were successful.

Photos of broken windows at the bank have also emerged, alongside reports that the looters tried to gain access to the building itself, though it’s also not clear if the building was damaged in vandalism or an actual break-in attempt.

Unconfirmed reports heard over police scanners suggested some of the looters used ‘explosives’ to break into the teller machines, possibly referring to fireworks – which were also hurled at police throughout Wednesday night’s protest. 

The unrest was kicked off by the police killing of George Floyd on Monday, an unarmed black man whose final moments were caught on film in a disturbing viral video, in which Floyd is seen pinned to the street by a police officer with a knee to his throat as he begs for his life.

While the four Minneapolis officers involved in the killing have since been terminated, crowds of angry protesters have demanded that they be charged with murder.

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