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Watch King Cobra Chasing Another Snake, Catching and Swallowing It


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Local residents who watched the dramatic moment called some snake wranglers but when they arrived the smaller serpent was already dead inside the king cobra’s mouth.

A video has been shared online, showing a king cobra chasing one of its own species in a pond in Prachin Buri, central Thailand, before catching and swallowing it.

According to Newsflare, a 3.7-metre-long cobra chased a smaller cobra before dragging it ashore and swallowing it. One of the witnesses called some snake wranglers but when they arrived the giant reptile’s lunch was almost over: only a small part of the other snake’s tail could be seen in the cobra’s mouth. 

“The victim was already dead in the bigger snake’s mouth. We could not help it because it’s the natural ecosystem,” one of the wranglers said. 

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